Yavlinsky calls to change the law on presidential elections


RIA Novosti

The founder of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky, who intends to participate in the elections of the President of Russia in 2018, called to change the electoral law. This is stated in a statement received by TASS.

“We demand that Russia finally held presidential elections, which the society can be considered legitimate. For this purpose it is necessary to change the order of formation of election commissions, including the Central election Commission, which now actually forms the current President, that is one of the candidates, to create a special independent Tribunal to consider all disputes concerning the election preparations and campaign, to solve the issue of public financing of election campaigns of candidates in presidents”, – the document says.

It also Yavlinsky calls for “the immediate establishment of a television format, which will be possible an open, honest, lengthy and thoughtful debate, and are required to participate in these debates and all presidential candidates”. In his opinion, “to organize such a debate is necessary now, not a month before the elections”.

The founder of the “Yabloko” also requires “to ensure a controlled society, a transparent and clear procedure of receiving and checking of signatures collected in support of candidates and to admit to participation in elections of all prominent candidates.”