Neanderthals caught in the use of antibiotics and aspirin

Neanderthals caught in the use of antibiotics and aspirin An international team of scientists found details of the regional diets of Neanderthals. In particular, the experts came to the conclusion that ancient people used natural analogues of antibiotics and aspirin. A study published in the journal Nature. For example, the Neanderthals that lived on the territory of modern Belgium, eaten woolly rhinos and wild sheep. On the other hand, people from Spain prefer pine nuts, moss, and mushrooms. The latter researchers also found the flux and inflammation of the stomach. With them, the Neanderthals fought in self — by means of producing antibiotics bacteria Penicillium contained in the bark, branches and leaves of poplar. These natural elements contain salicylic acid (the active ingredient in aspirin). Also, scientists have sequenced almost the entire genome of organisms inhabiting in the mouth of Neanderthals more than 48 thousand years ago. To such conclusions

In Mexico created the world’s most expensive tacos for 25 thousand dollars

In Mexico created the world’s most expensive tacos for 25 thousand dollars MEXICO city, 9 Mar — RIA Novosti. One of the most expensive restaurants in the Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas, has decided to offer its customers the most expensive Taco in the world for 25 thousand dollars. The Daily Dish: You Can Buy the World’s Most Expensive Taco for $25,000 — The Daily Meal (@thedailymeal) March 8, 2017 The usual Taco — a corn or wheat tortilla, where the Mexicans wrapped different toppings. It should be tacos from a few pesos up to 2-3 dollars in good restaurants. In the most expensive Taco in the world from the usual left only corn tortilla. Filling same food consists of real gold flakes, marbled Japanese Kobe beef, lobster, Beluga caviar and brie cheese with black truffles For tacos, and served in a special sauce based on chili

State Department spokesman: Tillerson had great respect for Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson is exploring the possibility of mutual understanding with Russia on the situation in Syria. This was stated by a senior state Department official. “The Secretary of state Tillerson and his team are studying how we can move forward on Syria and some other ways”, — quotes RIA Novosti his words. The representative of state Department also noted that U.S. Secretary of state “had great respect for Russia”. “There are areas that remain challenges for us, and we have to go through them,” he said. Earlier it was reported that Rex Tillerson at a meeting with Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin confirmed that the anti-Russian sanctions will remain in force.

Vladimir Putin has limited the time of Prosecutor’s inspections

Photo: RIA Novosti Vladimir Putin signed a law amending the existing rules of work of the Prosecutor’s office. In accordance with the provisions of the document, the Prosecutor’s inspection in respect of organizations must now be limited to a thirty day period with the possibility of renewal “in exceptional cases” for another 30 days. The time of inspection can be increased, but only if the appropriate order of the attorney General. According to the adopted amendments, a Prosecutor’s check can also be suspended for six months if it required examination, as well as at the inaction of the audited entity. In addition, the Supervisory authority is prohibited to demand documents not related to the subject of the verification. Also, prosecutors no longer allowed to request the acts already published in the media or on official websites of the organizations. Term of granting of documents have been limited to five days.

McCain has accused Russia in connection with WikiLeaks

Photo: RIA Novosti Who heads the Senate Committee of the U.S. Congress on the armed services Committee, Republican John McCain once again said about the relationship between Russia and the revelatory activities of the organization WikiLeaks, reports TASS. According to McCain, the evidence of his contention, he has not, but he indicated communication “is obvious.” To accusations that the Senator has prompted the recent publication by WikiLeaks about the methods of cyber espionage, used the Central intelligence Agency (CIA). “No, of course not, it was someone sitting in his basement in his underwear, Smoking a cigarette”, — sarcastically replied McCain on the question of journalists about whether he believed Russia was involved in the data leak to WikiLeaks. He said if the hackers who submitted information for publication on the site, was able to hack the CIA, they are subject to almost everything. The biggest concern McCain expressed about the

Spring made a law against “groups of death”

Spring made a law against “groups of death” Thursday, March 9, in the state Duma was introduced a bill dealing with appeals of Teens on social networks for suicide, which will now give 12 years of imprisonment. The author of the bill Deputy speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”) said the focus of the law against the so-called group of death. The amendments will affect the criminal code and the criminal procedure code. They are summarily punished by a term of imprisonment up to 12 years for responsible in inducing the children to suicide in social networks According to Spring, the punishment can occur even if the teenager did not commit suicide. According to the document in the Criminal code may receive a new article 110.1, providing “liability for inducement to suicide and assistance to suicide”. Under this “decline” the author means persuasion, suggestion, bribery, deception, as

Putin dismissed the ten generals of the security forces

Putin dismissed the ten generals of the security forces MOSCOW, 9 Mar — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed the ten generals of the structures of the interior Ministry, the Investigative Committee and the Federal service of execution of punishments. The decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information. In retirement, in particular, sent: the chief of transport management of the interior Ministry in the Volga Federal district the General-the Lieutenant of police Vladimir Berlizov, the head of the investigative Department of insurance in Primorye, the Lieutenant-General of justice Sergey Bobrowniki, the chief UFSIN across the Saratov region the General-the major of internal service Alexander Gnezdilov, the first Deputy head of Moscow University of the Ministry of internal Affairs the General-the major of police Sergey Jelakovic, the head of the Department of educational, social and psychological work of the FSIN the General-the major of internal

Lukashenko responded with a threat to Medvedev’s threat to raise gas prices

Lukashenko responded with a threat to Medvedev’s threat to raise gas prices Calling the Prime Minister “confirmed friend”, President of Belarus warned that in the event of an increase in gas prices “will also have to pay” and price is “extremely higher”. The authorities of Belarus want from the leadership of Russia is not cheap gas, but the performance of its obligations in the framework of the Union state, said at a briefing this week in Minsk meeting of the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko. If we build our Union, our people and businesses, the business should be equal conditions on the market. All we don’t want anymore. If someone clever out there thinks we can always be tilted and put on his knees.Alexander Lukashenkist according to the press service of the presidential administration Lukashenko highlighted the raised in the course held on 7 March in Bishkek the session

The armed forces upheld the deprivation of Ilya Ponomarev, Deputy mandate

Ilya Ponomarev © Mikhail Japaridze/TASS MOSCOW, March 9. /TASS/. The appeals Collegium of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation upheld the decision of the state Duma on early deprivation of Deputy powers Ilya Ponomarev, accused of complicity in the embezzlement of funds allocated for promotion developed by the Fund “SKOLKOVO” innovation. Thus was rejected the appeal of protection ex-MP, reports TASS. “The Supreme court decision to leave without change, the appeal complaint of protection without satisfaction”, – announced the decision of the panel of judges.

Russia has asked the international court of justice to deny Ukraine in the establishment of interim measures

Roman Kolodkin © EPA/BAS CZERWINSKI The HAGUE, 9 March. /Offset. TASS Vitaly Chugin/. The UN international court should deny Kiev’s request for establishment of interim measures. This was stated by the Russian Ambassador Roman Kolodkin, summing up the Russian position at the hearings on the suit of Ukraine to Russia on alleged violations of the Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism and the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination. “In accordance with the 60th article of the rules of court and on the basis of arguments advanced during the hearing, Russia wants the International court of justice to refuse the request for establishment of interim measures submitted by Ukraine”, – he said, concluding his speech.