Lukashenko responded with a threat to Medvedev’s threat to raise gas prices

Lukashenko responded with a threat to Medvedev’s threat to raise gas prices

Calling the Prime Minister “confirmed friend”, President of Belarus warned that in the event of an increase in gas prices “will also have to pay” and price is “extremely higher”.

The authorities of Belarus want from the leadership of Russia is not cheap gas, but the performance of its obligations in the framework of the Union state, said at a briefing this week in Minsk meeting of the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko.

If we build our Union, our people and businesses, the business should be equal conditions on the market. All we don’t want anymore. If someone clever out there thinks we can always be tilted and put on his knees.Alexander Lukashenkist according to the press service of the presidential administration

Lukashenko highlighted the raised in the course held on 7 March in Bishkek the session of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council statement of Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev that “some countries” receive Russian gas at discounted prices through membership in the EAEU, and in the case of output price will increase to the European level.

Assessing the words “hardened friend Medvedev”, as an allusion to nahlebnichestvo Belarus and an attempt to scare the official Minsk, Lukashenko responded to that threat.

Medvedev needs to understand that if we pay in Europe, for something he, too, will have to pay. And the price will be enormously higher than the price of natural gas.Alexander Lukashenko

He stressed that the basis of relations of Russia and Belarus should not be “accounting” and “the price of natural gas, which belongs to Medvedev.”

The President of Belarus instructed the head of the government and the leadership of the Ministry of foreign Affairs to prepare for the next meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union state’s list of “fundamental issues” that need to be solved.

“We must not make the Supreme state Council, which I head, in some kind of “zasedalovka” — came at each other looked at, bite, and departed, and resolve issues there,” — said the Belarusian leader.

On Tuesday at session of Council of heads of governments of the EEU countries Dmitry Medvedev urged his colleagues to remember preferential price of Russian gas when decisions are hindering or blocking the process of integration into the EAEC.

In early February of 2017, the media reported that Belarus wants to withdraw from the Union, CSTO, and, possibly, of the Union state of Russia and Belarus. Lukashenko then called the rumors “a complete lie”.