Neanderthals caught in the use of antibiotics and aspirin

Neanderthals caught in the use of antibiotics and aspirin

An international team of scientists found details of the regional diets of Neanderthals. In particular, the experts came to the conclusion that ancient people used natural analogues of antibiotics and aspirin. A study published in the journal Nature.

For example, the Neanderthals that lived on the territory of modern Belgium, eaten woolly rhinos and wild sheep.

On the other hand, people from Spain prefer pine nuts, moss, and mushrooms. The latter researchers also found the flux and inflammation of the stomach.

With them, the Neanderthals fought in self — by means of producing antibiotics bacteria Penicillium contained in the bark, branches and leaves of poplar. These natural elements contain salicylic acid (the active ingredient in aspirin).

Also, scientists have sequenced almost the entire genome of organisms inhabiting in the mouth of Neanderthals more than 48 thousand years ago.

To such conclusions experts have come, having studied the dental calculus of ancient people, containing DNA of animal and vegetable food was used by the Neanderthals

The samples belonged to five creatures, whose remains were discovered on the territory of five European countries.