McCain has accused Russia in connection with WikiLeaks


RIA Novosti

Who heads the Senate Committee of the U.S. Congress on the armed services Committee, Republican John McCain once again said about the relationship between Russia and the revelatory activities of the organization WikiLeaks, reports TASS.

According to McCain, the evidence of his contention, he has not, but he indicated communication “is obvious.”

To accusations that the Senator has prompted the recent publication by WikiLeaks about the methods of cyber espionage, used the Central intelligence Agency (CIA).

“No, of course not, it was someone sitting in his basement in his underwear, Smoking a cigarette”, — sarcastically replied McCain on the question of journalists about whether he believed Russia was involved in the data leak to WikiLeaks.

He said if the hackers who submitted information for publication on the site, was able to hack the CIA, they are subject to almost everything. The biggest concern McCain expressed about the fact that cyberpsace reached “the most important secrets to the most important of classified materials,” US.

As reported by “Izvestia”, on the eve of the WikiLeaks site appeared the first part of the available data on methods kiberrazvedki used by the CIA. It is assumed that this leak was the largest in the history of the intelligence Agency.

In the publication by WikiLeaks says that working for the CIA hackers get the support of the U.S. Department of state provided diplomatic passports for unrestricted travel around the world.