Spring made a law against “groups of death”

Spring made a law against “groups of death”

Thursday, March 9, in the state Duma was introduced a bill dealing with appeals of Teens on social networks for suicide, which will now give 12 years of imprisonment.

The author of the bill Deputy speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”) said the focus of the law against the so-called group of death.

The amendments will affect the criminal code and the criminal procedure code. They are summarily punished by a term of imprisonment up to 12 years for responsible in inducing the children to suicide in social networks

According to Spring, the punishment can occur even if the teenager did not commit suicide.

According to the document in the Criminal code may receive a new article 110.1, providing “liability for inducement to suicide and assistance to suicide”. Under this “decline” the author means persuasion, suggestion, bribery, deception, as well as tips on how to commit suicide.

Independent criminal liability is established for “organizing activities connected with inciting citizens to commit suicide by spreading information on methods of committing suicide, and also appeals,” reads the explanatory note. Spring said that “there is a responsibility for administrators, so-called group of death and organizers of any informal communities, the activity of which is associated with encouraging especially children to commit suicide”.

NewsSocial networks have declared war on suicide

The Spring bill will receive the support of MPs, reported the first Deputy Chairman of the security Committee, Ernest Valeyev. The document, according to him, were prepared with the involvement of law enforcement professionals and the Supreme court. “The phenomenon is, and it was clear that the existing provisions of the criminal code the penalty for incitement to suicide is not enough” — said the Deputy.

Valeev not see the danger that the fight against “groups of death” would entail restrictions of freedom on the Internet. “The closing of malicious sites and so required by law. It becomes tougher punishment for abetment of suicide,” — said Valeev.

Previously, the adoption of appropriate amendments to the criminal law supported by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. At the annual Board of the interior Ministry on Thursday, the President called an important problem is the proliferation of websites promoting suicide among adolescents, says RBC.

In mid-February, the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya said that in 2016, committed suicide 720 minors. She noted that suicide promotion is through the Internet.