The white house denied the investigation against trump

Sean Spicer The President of the United States Donald trump is not the object of any investigation. As reported Reuters, said on Wednesday, March 8, White house spokesman Sean Spicer. “There is no reason to believe that the President is the subject of any investigation,” said Spicer. March 8, first Deputy press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders has denied media reports that Donald trump was meeting with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak in April 2016. On 7 March it became known that on 20 March, the special Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives of the us Congress on 20 March will hold the first public hearing in connection with the investigation of alleged Russian interference in the elections of the President of the United States. Earlier, us lawmakers announced the initiation of an investigation into cyber attacks committed during the presidential election campaign against

The pilots of the French air force about the meetings with the Russians in the sky

The pilots of the French air force belonging to the grouping of NATO forces, told Swiss newspaper Le Temps about the specifics of the so-called “air police”. In particular, the convergence in the skies with Russian planes VC.   “We photographed them and they are us. Sometimes we wave to each other hand. Everyone is doing their job. The most important thing is to keep cool. The Russians are not our enemies”, – told reporters the pilots.   The pilots said that the French and Russian pilots behave in the air very cautiously, aware of the responsibility they bear. Photo: Ssgt. Corey Hook ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress

Barcelona defeated PSG 6:1 and advanced to the 1/4 of the Champions League

Spanish football club Barcelona defeated French club “Paris Saint-Germain” with the score 6:1 and reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, as reported by Eurosport.   The first goal of the Parisians scored Luis Suarez in the third minute of the game. The second point for the Catalans brought the defender “Paris St Germain” leaven of Kurzawa, rolling the ball into his own net. The third goal from a penalty scored by Lionel Messi. Later, two points Barcelona brought Neymar. From the “Paris St Germain” the only goal we managed to score Edinson Cavani.   In extra time, Sergio Robert was sent to the gate of Parisians another goal, bringing the score to devastating 6:1. Following the meeting, Barcelona falls in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Photo: imago sportfotodienst / Globallookpress

The Pentagon had predicted, when a B-52 will not be able to overcome the air defense of Russia

Weapons systems that are installed on U.S. strategic bombers will not be able to overcome the Russian air defense in 10 years. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Paul Selva, speaking at a hearing in Congress.   According to him, to prevent this, the b-52 in urgent need of improvement. He also said that these bombers constituting the basis of air strategic forces of the United States, was established nearly 70 years ago. Cruise missiles and bombs that they themselves are a little younger, sample 1970-ies.   Selva stressed that despite the fact that these planes are combat-ready, the country can not leave them on. “Ten years from now these weapons will not be able to overcome the Russian air defense, so there is an urgent need for their replacement,” he explained.   Recall, America and Russia – the only country in the