Media reported new data on victims of an avalanche in the French Alps

Media reported new data on victims of an avalanche in the French Alps MOSCOW, 8 Mar — RIA Novosti. One Dutch citizen were killed and two are missing after an avalanche in the French Department of Savoie, reports Reuters citing local police. Previously, the government of Tignes ski resort reported that an avalanche in the French Alps, no one died. On Tuesday there were reports that at least 10 people could be buried under an avalanche, which descended on the resort of Tignes. Embassy of Russia in France, citing local authorities reported that the Russians in the avalanche was not injured In mid-February in an avalanche at a resort in the Savoie Department, four people were killed.

Barbaric “fight of colors”. The history of five famous paintings by Boris Kustodiev

Barbaric “fight of colors”. The history of five famous paintings by Boris Kustodiev March 7, 1878 into the family of a Seminary teacher Kustodiev was born the son of Boris. In the future he became known as one of the outstanding artists of the early XX century. “Real Kustodiev is a Russian fair, pestravka, “big-eyed” chintz, barbaric “fight of colors”, the Russian settlement and the Russian village, with their harmonics, cakes, overdressed girls and dashing guys… I contend that the sphere, his real joy,” — so wrote about Boris Mikhailovich art critic, founder and chief ideologue of the Association “World of art” Alexander Benois. In the birthday of one of the greatest Russian artists SPB.AIF.RU recalls the story of his five famous paintings. “Beauty”, 1915 Boris Kustodiev during the life called “the Russian Rubens” for the love of the image of a buxom blonde ladies. He is credited with the

Medvedev called blackmail linking the Eurasian integration, bilateral issues

Photo: TASS BISHKEK, 7 Mar. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev compared with blackmail attempts to make the integration within the Eurasian economic community held hostage to bilateral disagreements. “The cases, when the problems of bilateral relations and such problems were, are and will be, nothing in them is dramatic not because of the intensity of cooperation can be transferred to the multilateral platform of the Union (EEU), he said at the session of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council. – Execution of the agreements we reached and he integration process as a whole become hostage to specifically understand the national interests. In fact, in relation to other members of the Union who are not involved in the dispute, a completely unacceptable situation, this situation is akin to blackmail: either you affect the decision of the other party to the dispute, or we do not sign it.” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that

Zhirinovsky reminded the women about the need to cook soup

Photo: RIA Novosti Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in the beginning of the plenary meeting of the state Duma congratulated the Russian women a happy 8th of March. In turn, the leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the best compliments to the fair sex will be at least a partial exemption from daily chores. “Considering that today we have in the agenda is likely to be the role of women in politics and each will, of course, from his point of view to consider this question, let us heartily congratulate women without a policy”, – said the speaker before giving the floor to Zhirinovsky in the framework of the “political ten-minute” in the beginning “plenary”. These words hall met with prolonged applause. “We congratulate and remind – and in the evening you still need to cook soup and feed their husbands,” responded the leader of the liberal Democrats, appealing

UK Ministry of defense called for maintaining “lines of communication” with Russia

Photo: Reuters London advocated maintaining “lines of communication” with Moscow despite tensions between the two countries, said permanent Deputy Minister of defence of the United Kingdom Stephen Lovegrove. “I think we want to cooperate with Russia. It is important that communication lines remain open, that we understand how to develop their doctrine, and it has changed significantly,” said Lovegrove, speaking about the foreign policy and defense doctrine of Russia. At the same time, Lovegrove said, a hundred United Kingdom has no plans to cancel anti-Russian sanctions, reports RIA “Novosti”. Note that last week the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson accepted the invitation of the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov plans to visit Moscow in the coming weeks.

The Pentagon has accused Russia of placing ground-based cruise missiles

The Pentagon has accused Russia of placing ground-based cruise missiles WASHINGTON, 8 Mar — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of defense accused Russia of deploying land-based missiles prohibited by the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) from 1987. Speaking at the Congress, Deputy Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Paul Selva said that Russia is violating the “spirit and purpose” of the INF Treaty by deploying prohibited missiles. “The system itself poses a risk for the majority of our facilities in Europe and we are confident that Russia deliberately (it) places to pose a threat to NATO and objects in the area of responsibility of NATO,” said Selva. He also expressed doubt that Russia will “return to the observance of the INF Treaty” However, he added that the United States should “look for levers of pressure on Russia to return to compliance with the INF Treaty”.

Kim Jong-UN expressed support for the people and leadership of Syria

Kim Jong-UN expressed support for the people and leadership of Syria TOKYO, 8 Mar — RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN expressed support for the people and leadership of Syria by sending on Wednesday a congratulatory telegram to President Bashar al-Assad on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the Syrian revolution, passed from Pyongyang’s Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA). The leader of the DPRK also said that the March 8 revolution in Syria was a “historic event in the struggle of the Syrian people for independence and the security of their country, to achieve economic development and social progress under the leadership of the Arab socialist Renaissance party (Baath)”.

Putin said about the success of support programs demographics

Putin said about the success of support programs demographics Moscow. March 8. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin said “enormous effect” on the implementation of the country program of construction of perinatal centers, said that Russia has successfully overcome the demographic problem. “Thank God, in recent years we have managed to move this situation in a positive way. Nobody expected it, nobody believed that our programs support demographics so work. Last year, the indicators slightly declined, but the demographic trend is still positive,” he said during the meeting in Bryansk perinatal center staff. As noted by the head of state, “in this respect we differ from many other so-called developed countries, especially in Europe, where negative demographic trends continue.” “We started this program a few years ago in the framework of the program “Health” (national project) and it became immediately clear that the effect is not just big, but enormous,”

Saudi Arabia has denied accusations in the murder of two police officers transgender

The police of Saudi Arabia did not kill two detained Pakistani transgender people. This was stated by the authorities of the Kingdom, their words reports The Independent. “It’s all true, besides, there was no torture”, — said the interior Ministry. The authorities explained that one of the detainees, 61-year-old Pakistani transgender, actually died of a heart attack, and Islamabad are already working to take his body home. Last week, media Kingdom said that the police made a RAID on one of the parties, where there were 35 men in makeup and women’s clothing. The word “transgender” media is not used, nor were there reports of killings. That two people beaten to death, said a Pakistani transgender Farzana Riaz — according to her, 35-year-old Amna and 26-year-old Minot police put in bags and beaten with sticks. Saudi Arabia officially has no laws against transgender people, but men who dress like women,

The militants took hostage the staff and patients at Kabul hospital

Attacked one of the hospitals in Kabul, the terrorists took hostage medical personnel and hospital patients. On 8 March, reports the TV channel Khurshid, the content of issue reports “Interfax”. As reported by Reuters, an eyewitness of the incident, dressed in a white medical gown gunman pulled out a hidden gun and opened fire on civilians, killing one medic and one visitor. Then the attackers occupied the upper floors of the building and clashed with the special forces personnel arrived on the scene. “Our security forces there, the battle is very serious,” — said the press Secretary of the Ministry of defense dawlat Vaziri and said that one commando was killed and three wounded. Also killed one of the attackers, the two continue the confrontation. The Ministry of health reported that two dead and 12 wounded were evacuated to other hospitals. President Ashraf Ghani in a televised address on International