Zhirinovsky reminded the women about the need to cook soup


RIA Novosti

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in the beginning of the plenary meeting of the state Duma congratulated the Russian women a happy 8th of March. In turn, the leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the best compliments to the fair sex will be at least a partial exemption from daily chores.

“Considering that today we have in the agenda is likely to be the role of women in politics and each will, of course, from his point of view to consider this question, let us heartily congratulate women without a policy”, – said the speaker before giving the floor to Zhirinovsky in the framework of the “political ten-minute” in the beginning “plenary”. These words hall met with prolonged applause.

“We congratulate and remind – and in the evening you still need to cook soup and feed their husbands,” responded the leader of the liberal Democrats, appealing to the famous phrase of the Deputy-Communist Tamara Pletnev, who at the beginning of convocation complained of the lengthy plenary session.

“The best greetings is if we could have them at least a little release from such heavy responsibilities at home”, – said Zhirinovsky.