The Pentagon had predicted, when a B-52 will not be able to overcome the air defense of Russia

Weapons systems that are installed on U.S. strategic bombers will not be able to overcome the Russian air defense in 10 years. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Paul Selva, speaking at a hearing in Congress.


According to him, to prevent this, the b-52 in urgent need of improvement. He also said that these bombers constituting the basis of air strategic forces of the United States, was established nearly 70 years ago. Cruise missiles and bombs that they themselves are a little younger, sample 1970-ies.


Selva stressed that despite the fact that these planes are combat-ready, the country can not leave them on. “Ten years from now these weapons will not be able to overcome the Russian air defense, so there is an urgent need for their replacement,” he explained.


Recall, America and Russia – the only country in the world that have a so-called “nuclear triad” of nuclear forces-ground, sea and airborne.


The previous Obama administration approved a program to upgrade the us nuclear triad at a cost of a trillion dollars with a duration of approximately 30 years. In the near future for these purposes is planned to spend about $ 400 billion.