Israel for the first time there will arrive the representative of the British Royal family

Theresa May A member of the British Royal family for the first time will pay an official visit to Israel in 2017. It is reported by The Independent, citing sources in the ruling circles of the United Kingdom. The trip will coincide with the centenary anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which has testified the promise of London to contribute to the creation of a Jewish state in the middle East. British Prime Minister Theresa may said that the government will celebrate the centenary of the document. “It demonstrates the key role of Britain in the creation of the state of the Jewish people. We will celebrate this anniversary with pride,” she explained. Who is going to pay a visit, not reported, but Queen Elizabeth II is unlikely to be able to do it due to health problems the monarch refused most foreign trips. A likely candidate is Charles, Prince of

Donald Tusk elected European Council President

Donald Tusk The current President of the European Council pole Donald Tusk re-elected to this position. It is reported by the Express. The reassignment took place despite the opposition of Warsaw. As specifies the edition, the leader of the ruling Polish party “law and justice” (Pis) Jaroslaw Kaczynski believes that Tusk is the moral responsibility for the deaths in 2010 in the Smolensk plane crash of his twin brother, President Lech Kaczynski. In this respect, Warsaw has advanced to the presidency of the European Council another candidate — the Deputy of Polish Parliament, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski. Tusk was born in Gdansk in 1980 he graduated from the historical faculty of the University of Gdansk. In 2001 he became one of the founders of the party “Civic platform”, which is headed as Chairman in 2003. From November 2007 till September 2014 he held the post of Prime Minister of Poland. August 30,

US thinking about the supply of ballistic missiles to allies in the Persian Gulf

Joseph Votel The United States is considering the possibility of supplying ballistic missiles to its allies in the Persian Gulf region. This was stated at hearings in senatorial Committee on armed forces the head of Central command of US Armed forces (CENTCOM), General Joseph Votel, reports TASS. On February 22 it became known that in Yemen, as a result of an attack with ballistic missiles killed the Deputy chief of the General staff of the country. “Major-General Ahmed Saif al-Yafei was killed along with several soldiers, when a rocket hit a military camp near the town of Moss in the predawn hour,” said one of the relatives of the deceased soldier. On 8 December last year, former US President Barack Obama has lifted restrictions on arms, ammunition and military equipment to the allies to combat terrorism in Syria. “To establish that the operations relating to the provision of military equipment

The nanny pushed the kid down the stairs in kindergarten: video

The nurse of one of kindergartens in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania was pushed down the stairs of the child, according to Breaking 911. The video with the time of the incident and posted online.   Judging by the video, the kid that went before 52-year-old Sara gable, somewhat vexed her, and the nurse pushed his ward, after which the girl flew a flight of stairs. Then the nurse noticed that her actions took the surveillance camera and reluctantly helped the girl to rise.   It is reported that after the publication of the entry to kindergarten, the police were called. The child suffered a knee injury. After the proceedings, Sarah gable was fired. It is noteworthy that the camera captures the crime, was installed in just half an hour before him, and the nanny, perhaps, had simply forgotten its existence, thrusting a child. Video: kol chay كل شيء /

In the administration, trump said that Assange had harmed the national security of the USA

In the administration of the President of the United States of America, Donald trump said that Julian Assange was put under the threat the national security of the country, writes RIA Novosti, citing a statement by the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer.   “The US government had a position on Julian Assange. It was in the past, and I do not see that something has changed here. He has weakened and undermined our national security,” said Spicer.   Previously published report by the organization WikiLeaks Assange, containing a wealth of previously unknown information about how the activities of U.S. intelligence. According to him, hackers, the CIA learned to effectively circumvent the encryption of the largest messengers in the world, including the Telegram and WhatsApp. In addition, the CIA made mnogestvo malware capable of running on Apple systems and Android, installed on mobile devices around the world. Photo:

In Parliament, we have calculated how much was left to live the economy of Ukraine

No more than two months – that’s what took the national economy, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Sergey Taruta. After 60 days, the citizens of the country will see negative effects of the blockade of Donbass. In this case Ukraine will be hit by a new wave of inflation. With such a negative Outlook was made by a politician on air of TV channel NewsOne.   According to the Ukrainian businessman, lose literally every Ukrainian. People will be the poorer for that money in the budget will not. Also there will be no money in the economy which can be spent on development. “We will lose jobs, do not have the means to Finance at the local level,” he explained.   It should be noted that approximately the same time, commenting on the coming disintegration of Ukraine, and called the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko. According

In Crimea have found a way to speed up the payment of compensation to depositors of Ukrainian banks

Sergei Trofimov About 15 thousand of Crimean residents face challenges in obtaining compensation for deposits in Ukrainian banks from-for absence of necessary documents. Such data are announced at the state Council of the RK, head of the parliamentary Committee on legislation Sergey Trofimov, reports “Criminals”, on Thursday, March 9. According to mills, the question has been raised in the Ministry of Finance of Russia with the participation of the Central Bank, the Agency for Deposit insurance and depositors protection Fund. “We managed to find understanding on the part of the Federal authorities and may soon be developed specific mechanisms for the payment of the Crimean people, in similar situations,” — said the official. After joining the Crimea to Russia, Ukrainian banks have refused to repay the deposits of citizens of the Republic. Most affected clients “PrivatBank”, previously owned by the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The obligation to compensate for the

Putin has invited Merkel to Moscow

Vladimir Putin and Angela Markenprodukten the Kremlin has evaluated the expected impact of the visit Merkel for relations between Russia and Germany German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to visit Moscow. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel on Thursday, March 9, reports TASS. “We understand the condition of our relationship. As I understand it, our common goal is to ensure that the relationship is fully normalized, and all the challenges we face would be solved,” said Putin, adding that the Russian authorities are constantly interacting with the leaders of Germany. In turn Gabrielle noted that both countries “have every reason to (…) to trust the stability of our bilateral relations.” “If all the difficulties before us still, the task is to care for the world and stability in Europe,” he said. Earlier on Thursday, after

In the Kremlin assessed the expected impact of the visit Merkel for relations between Russia and Germany

Angela Merkel Possible visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow does not mean the resumption of the Russian-German intergovernmental consultations, said the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov. His words leads to “Interfax” on Thursday, March 9. “No. It does not. This mechanism while paused”, — said Peskov. Earlier Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the foreign Ministers of Russia and Germany Sergey Lavrov and Sigmar Gabriel said that Moscow is waiting for a visit of Merkel and of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Putin also said that countries should follow the path of normalization of relations. The last telephone conversation between Putin and Merkel took place on 7 February. During the meeting, the parties called for the immediate restoration of the cease-fire in Ukraine. They met in person in October of last year at the summit “channel four” in Berlin. Prior to that, the negotiations in

WikiLeaks: the CIA has been tapping the phones, computers and TVs

WikiLeaks: the CIA has been tapping the phones, computers and TVs The organization WikiLeaks has published secret documents of the CIA under the name of Vault 7. Files tell about the hacker groups that hack into smartphones, computers and other mass products. Encryption is not an obstacle According to the documents, the CIA is a unit of MDB (Mobile Devices Branch), dealing with hacking of smartphones. Staff is working on obtaining access to geolocation, microphone, messages and images from the cameras of the devices. They already know about 24 vulnerabilities in Android that allow you to bypass protection for all popular instant messengers, encrypted (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.). However, the main task of the MDB — breaking iPhone because these smartphones are used by many high-profile people from around the world. Computers are vulnerable The Network Devices Branch division deals with hacking of computers and servers on Windows, macOS and Linux.