The nanny pushed the kid down the stairs in kindergarten: video

The nurse of one of kindergartens in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania was pushed down the stairs of the child, according to Breaking 911. The video with the time of the incident and posted online.


Judging by the video, the kid that went before 52-year-old Sara gable, somewhat vexed her, and the nurse pushed his ward, after which the girl flew a flight of stairs. Then the nurse noticed that her actions took the surveillance camera and reluctantly helped the girl to rise.


It is reported that after the publication of the entry to kindergarten, the police were called. The child suffered a knee injury. After the proceedings, Sarah gable was fired. It is noteworthy that the camera captures the crime, was installed in just half an hour before him, and the nanny, perhaps, had simply forgotten its existence, thrusting a child.

Video: kol chay كل شيء / YouTube