Vienna opposed the holding in Austria events with the participation of Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Austrian authorities on the eve of a referendum on changes to Turkish Constitution are not welcome the events with the participation of the President of this country Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On Monday, February 27, said the foreign Minister of Austria Sebastian Kurz, reports The Local. “Of course, the Turkish President, like any senior politician, may make bilateral visits to Europe and to Austria for talks with top officials (…) But we are categorically against the transfer of the Turkish campaign in Austria and polarization [of society],” explained the Minister. Kurtz noted that previous visits of the Turkish leader in Germany and Austria led to a “tension” between living in these countries supporters of Erdogan and Turks of Kurdish origin. As notes the edition, the Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim, speaking on 18 February in the German city of Oberhausen to representatives of the Turkish Diaspora, said

The Israeli air force attacked Hamas positions in the Gaza strip

Aircraft of the Israeli air force struck the air strikes on the positions of Hamas in the Gaza strip. It is reported by The Jerusalem Post. The attack was carried out in response to the launch of several missiles, which exploded in the desert area of Israel. In a statement, the Israel defense forces (IDF) said that such attacks threaten the lives and safety of citizens, and violate state sovereignty. As a result of bombardment nobody has suffered. According to Palestinian sources in the Gaza strip, the shelling injured four men. On February 6 the result of the same RAID, injuring one Palestinian, was damaged three facilities: training camp, the building of the security forces and the observation point. Hamas is an Islamist political party and paramilitary in power in Gaza since 2007. Recognized as a terrorist in several countries: Israel, Egypt, Canada, USA and the European Union.

The Pentagon sent the Trump proposals for strengthening the fight against ISIS

Donald Trump The U.S. defense Department sent the White house proposals on strengthening the fight against terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports CNN with reference to its sources. The document contains the measures of military, financial and diplomatic nature. For discussion of these initiatives is assigned to a special meeting, which will be attended by high-ranking officials of the us administration. As the source said, the preparation of these proposals the President of the United States Donald trump requested the experts from the Pentagon a month ago. On 23 January it was reported that the American administration does not rule out joint operations in Syria, in particular against ISIS. “If there’s a way that allows us to fight with ISIS together with any country, be it Russia or any other country, and we have a common national interest, of course, we will use it,”

The court sentenced street racing to life in prison

The land court of Berlin has sentenced two street racing, started the race near the supermarket, to life in prison.   In February 2016, two young men of 25 and 28 years staged an illegal race near KaDeWe. As a result, one of the participants crashed into the SUV, whose driver was killed, reports Deutsche Welle.   So severe a sentence to street racing in Germany issued for the first time. It is noted that for the first time in the court practice of Germany, the case was classified as murder and not as the infliction of death by negligence. However, the verdict is not yet entered, as the defense intends to appeal to the Federal Supreme court of Germany. Photo: Uwe Anspach / Globallookpress

Near Donetsk, fierce fighting broke out

Under the Donetsk and Dokuchaevsk fierce fighting broke out. It is reported portal “Russian spring”.   “About 16:10 the battle began with the use of armored vehicles, mortars and artillery in the vicinity of the airport, the village of Spartacus yasinovatskiy checkpoint”, – stated in the message.   It is also reported that after this Dokuchaevsk struck up another fight. AFU shelled the territory controlled by the DNI, with heavy small arms and mortars. Photo: Minsterstvo defence of Ukraine / Facebook

The United States declared Russia’s “oil war”

American companies are preparing to literally “drown” in Russia cheap oil. United States from January 2017 sharply increased the number of working rigs and announced the construction of new pipelines. In February, it was commissioned 29 new plants, which was a record figure for the last four years.   Synchronously with the oil worked us senators. Parliamentarians have prepared a bill on new sanctions against our country. They will also touch on Russian banks and oil companies, which intend to block access to money and technology.   Such a scenario, when oil prices fell sharply, the United States has used in 2014. According to experts, it is through the mediation of Washington Saudi Arabia then sharply increased oil production. After increased oil production from Iraqi and Libyan companies, resulting in prices for oil dropped from 110 to 50 dollars per barrel. For Russia, the budget of which 50% consisted of

Pamfilova called the timing of the emergence of the electoral code

Ella Pamfilova The electoral code of Russia, you may receive the following elections to the state Duma, which will be held in 2021. On Monday, February 21, Chairman of the Central election Commission of Russia, Ella Pamfilova, reports TASS. The question of the elaboration of the electoral code, the CEC discussed at the meeting with the leader of the party “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov. According to her, a number of proposals of a just Russia largely coincides with what was proposed by the experts and many members, including myself Pamfilova. “I believe that many of them will form the basis of the work, the discussions at the working group, which is currently being created on behalf of the President at administration of the President,” she said. In November last year, Pamfilova complained about loopholes in the law that allow high-ranking officials during the elections to prevent violations. Due to vague

Saratova sent to compulsory work for inciting hatred towards “vatniks”

In Saratov has pronounced a sentence 19-to summer Alexander, Gazenko accused of inciting hatred against “quilted jackets” through comments in the social network “Vkontakte”. About it reports on Monday, February 27, FreeNews-Volga. Judge of Kastrychnitski district court sentenced the young man to 160 hours of compulsory works. It also left under house arrest. As stated in the verdict, Gazenko convicted of actions aimed at inciting hatred and enmity towards a social group and nationality using the Internet (article 282 of the criminal code). The case was heard in a special manner, because the young man admitted his guilt and repented of his actions. The Prosecutor in the course of the meeting indicated that Gosanko placed in the social network “Vkontate” comments containing the word “jackets and katsapy” and offered “to organize the Holocaust and the jackets”. Thus he was accused of inciting hatred against Russian and sitzgruppe “patriots of Russia”.

In the Land of Franz Joseph ended polar night

In the Land of Franz Joseph ended polar night Moscow. 27 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — On the archipelago Franz-Joseph, who is one of the most Northern territories of Russia and the world, ended the polar night, reported the press service of the national Park “Russian Arctic”. On the reference point of the national Park — the island Alexandra Land (part of the archipelago of Franz-Joseph) polar night was was 15 October. The first sunrise over the archipelago, according to astronomical data, is celebrated on February 26. Was noticeably lighter. However, to capture the first rays of the sun is not yet possible because of the strong metalogenic Miniconsultation group of employees of the national Park, wintering on the island of Alexandra Land High-latitude position of the Arctic archipelagoes Novaya Zemlya and Franz-Joseph — national Park “Russian Arctic” — leads to a prolonged period of polar night, which lasts from 98 to

Seal plush toy is touched by the Internet

Seal plush toy is touched by the Internet Few people could be cuter than a seal unless a seal hugging a Teddy on the reduced copy of himself. Seal from a zoo in Mombetsu (Hokkaido, Japan) staff gave a soft toy in the form of a seal. The beast loved the gift. In Japanese, and then in world’s social networks has got the viral spread of photos of the animal, which, like smiling, hugging Teddy with a friend and rolls him on his back. Many users did not hesitate to admit that what they saw made them cry, so the picture was cute, reports Mashable. アザラシがアザラシを抱っこ&おんぶしてみました☺app あぐVer. — 紋別オホーツクランド (@mombetsu_land) 23 Feb 2017 The lens of tourists, divers, kayakers and professional photographers often get the seals that live in the wild, which invariably cause massive bouts of emotion.