The Israeli air force attacked Hamas positions in the Gaza strip

Aircraft of the Israeli air force struck the air strikes on the positions of Hamas in the Gaza strip. It is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

The attack was carried out in response to the launch of several missiles, which exploded in the desert area of Israel. In a statement, the Israel defense forces (IDF) said that such attacks threaten the lives and safety of citizens, and violate state sovereignty. As a result of bombardment nobody has suffered.

According to Palestinian sources in the Gaza strip, the shelling injured four men.

On February 6 the result of the same RAID, injuring one Palestinian, was damaged three facilities: training camp, the building of the security forces and the observation point.

Hamas is an Islamist political party and paramilitary in power in Gaza since 2007. Recognized as a terrorist in several countries: Israel, Egypt, Canada, USA and the European Union.