The Pentagon sent the Trump proposals for strengthening the fight against ISIS

Donald Trump

The U.S. defense Department sent the White house proposals on strengthening the fight against terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports CNN with reference to its sources.

The document contains the measures of military, financial and diplomatic nature. For discussion of these initiatives is assigned to a special meeting, which will be attended by high-ranking officials of the us administration.

As the source said, the preparation of these proposals the President of the United States Donald trump requested the experts from the Pentagon a month ago.

On 23 January it was reported that the American administration does not rule out joint operations in Syria, in particular against ISIS. “If there’s a way that allows us to fight with ISIS together with any country, be it Russia or any other country, and we have a common national interest, of course, we will use it,” said White house spokesman Sean Spicer.

The international coalition led by the United States in 2014 is conducting in Syria operation against the militias of ISIS. The Russian space forces began strikes on militants in that country in the autumn of 2015. In October last year between the two countries had signed a Memorandum of understanding on the prevention of incidents and to ensure security of flights in Syrian airspace.