The United States declared Russia’s “oil war”

American companies are preparing to literally “drown” in Russia cheap oil. United States from January 2017 sharply increased the number of working rigs and announced the construction of new pipelines. In February, it was commissioned 29 new plants, which was a record figure for the last four years.


Synchronously with the oil worked us senators. Parliamentarians have prepared a bill on new sanctions against our country. They will also touch on Russian banks and oil companies, which intend to block access to money and technology.


Such a scenario, when oil prices fell sharply, the United States has used in 2014. According to experts, it is through the mediation of Washington Saudi Arabia then sharply increased oil production. After increased oil production from Iraqi and Libyan companies, resulting in prices for oil dropped from 110 to 50 dollars per barrel.

For Russia, the budget of which 50% consisted of oil revenues, the oil price has been crucial, while American politicians do not even hide the fact that the purpose of such actions was the destruction of the Russian economy.

Political analysts believe that the crisis of 2014 was well planned. The devaluation of the ruble also had to aggravate the crisis in the Russian economy.

Revenues of the Russian budget for 2015 was planned at the rate of $ 100 per barrel. The decline in prices on black gold two times meant the appearance of a shortfall, and what the West expected.

Later, the United States and then the European Union imposed sanctions against Russia’s energy sector. The official reason is the return of Crimea in structure of our country.

The Americans claimed that the greatest harm to the Russian economy caused a sharp decline in oil prices, but Russia was able to overcome the crisis.


In mid-February , the international rating Agency Moody’s announced the improved rating of Russia from negative to stable, confirming that the Russian economy has stabilized and out of crisis.


You know who controls the power flows, who controls the whole world. Oil, and now gas is the key to a comfortable daily life. In March 2014, President Barack Obama started an undeclared “oil war” against Russia. What led this campaign and what are the next steps of Washington, said in the program “conspiracy Theory”. Watching TV channel “Star” on Monday, 27 February at 19:35.

Photo: Daniel Radicevic / Globallookpress