Seal plush toy is touched by the Internet

Seal plush toy is touched by the Internet

Few people could be cuter than a seal unless a seal hugging a Teddy on the reduced copy of himself.

Seal from a zoo in Mombetsu (Hokkaido, Japan) staff gave a soft toy in the form of a seal. The beast loved the gift. In Japanese, and then in world’s social networks has got the viral spread of photos of the animal, which, like smiling, hugging Teddy with a friend and rolls him on his back.

Many users did not hesitate to admit that what they saw made them cry, so the picture was cute, reports Mashable.



— 紋別オホーツクランド (@mombetsu_land) 23 Feb 2017

The lens of tourists, divers, kayakers and professional photographers often get the seals that live in the wild, which invariably cause massive bouts of emotion.