The Governor with the initiative: the new head of the Novgorod region

Andrey Nikitin © Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS For almost six years under the leadership of Nikitin ASI was able to implement the revolutionary proposals on reducing administrative barriers and simplification of many procedures of doing business, lead to the international movement for the promotion of working professions WorldSkills and force the governors to listen carefully to the views of investors. Of business in the service of the state Andrei Nikitin was born in Moscow but raised in the southern Urals, in the small industrial town of Miass. Thinking where to go, I chose the State University of management (sum, Moscow), graduated from his parents. “I never thought about a great career in government. I wanted to be a good Manager”, he said in an interview with Forbes.

The Deputy of the Leningrad region proposed to license the wizards

Vladimir Petrov The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov (“United Russia”) intends to submit for consideration colleagues the bill regulating the activities of witches and sorcerers. He told about it in interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda — St. Petersburg” on Monday, February 13. “We are the so-called sorcerers, healers, psychics, but the opinion States in this regard are not formed. It’s even prostitution cannot be compared, because its about the state spoke clearly: who does it, is outside the legal field,” — said the MP. In his opinion, people with superpowers have to license their activities and to be responsible for its quality. It is necessary to make appropriate amendments to the law on consumer protection, said Petrov. He offers to compile a list of persons owning the “white” magic — that which does not harm human health. Who will determine its quality, however, the Deputy did not

Volodin explained the need for the law to protect the honor of the President

Vyacheslav Volodin Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has seen fit law on the protection of honor and dignity of the President, including the attacks in the press. On Monday, February 13, reports TASS. During a meeting with teachers and students of the University of Kazan “Innopolis” one of the students wondered, does Volodin necessary to develop and adopt a law protecting the honor and dignity of the President of Russia, particularly in the light “feel in the press of information rolled forward” on Vladimir Putin, including in the international arena, said the thought the student. “Why are you right — because the whole international experience suggests that such laws are not just necessary they are everywhere,” — said the MP. The head of state, head of the Institute of the presidency, and this institution must be protected, continued Volodin. He noted that there is legislation in Western countries.

Protection Dading asked the Supreme court to overturn the conviction

Ildar Dading Protection opposition activist Ildar Dading, who is serving a sentence in prison for violating the rules of holding rallies, petitioning for cancellation of the sentence. On Monday, February 13, reports “Interfax” with reference to the lawyer Ksenia Kostromina. “Today I sent a petition to the President of the Supreme court Vyacheslav Lebedev on the initiation of Supervisory review proceedings for the abolition held judgments against Ildar Dading” — said the lawyer. In the motion, the defense also requests the immediate release of the Dading from custody. 10 February, the constitutional court (CC) decided to review the case, the Dading. The court decided to refuse from criminal responsibility for repeated violation of the formal rules of conducting meetings. “Criminal liability may be imposed only in case if the act caused harm to citizens, public security and other values”, — said the Chairman of the COP Valery Zorkin. At the

In Belgium for the first time condemned the executioner the “Islamic state”

A Belgian court sentenced to 28 years in prison have returned to the country of militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). On Monday, February 13, according to RTL. During the hearings it was established that 24-the summer native of the city of Vilvoorde E. Hakim was an active member of the IG and participated in the fighting in Syria. In 2014, the defendant was directly involved in the execution of the hostage, who beheaded. A video of the massacre a terrorist posted on the web. Later this recording helped to identify the perpetrator and bring him to justice after returning to Belgium. According to RTL, the court verdict was the first handed down in relation to the terrorist who committed the crime in the combat zone and returned to the country. Five other defendants in the case were acquitted for lack of evidence. On

In Mexico city spoke about being expelled from the United States Mexicans

Louis Videgaray The number deported from USA migrants, Mexicans in recent years has not increased. This was stated in a televised interview, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico Luis Videgaray, reports Reuters Monday, February 13. At the same time the Minister has noticed that his fellow citizens were about three times more likely to call the Consulate after coming to power in the US President Donald trump. Videgaray noticed that the number of applicants for clarification “is growing exponentially”. The Minister also said that in recent years in the United States, law enforcement officers often conduct operations against illegal immigrants. In early February in Washington was scheduled to meet the presidents of the two countries, however, the Mexican leader has suddenly cancelled his visit to the United States. It happened after trump took the first steps to implement the plan of construction of a wall along the border with

Evacuated in California town looters roam

In the California town of Oroville, was evacuated because of the dam, began looting, AP reported.   During the evacuation of their homes has left more than 180 million Americans. The reason for this was the breakthrough of the dam, which is under threat of flooding was Marysville, Wheatland, Plumas lake, Olivehurst, Gridley, Yuba city.   Dam in the vicinity of Oroville with a height of 230 meters is the largest in the United States. Photo: Autumn Payne / Globallookpress

A witness filmed the breaking of a dam in California: video

With the social network got footage of a dam break in the American city of Oroville taken by the witness. The video shows that the huge water streams flow from the hills and standing at the bottom threatens to flood houses and cars. Above the dam is constantly flying a helicopter to monitor the situation.   Because of the threat of full breakthrough Oroville the dam was evacuated more than 200 thousand people out of eight settlements. In the biggest town of the same name took to the streets for looters.   Earlier Russian experts in Russia’s water sector, said that can help the United States. They give advice on similar issues within the framework of cooperation with the countries of Southeast Asia and several African countries, can help solve this issue, colleagues from the United States. Video: judywbrandt / twitter

Snipers APU hunt on DNR fighters: report from the trenches in the punitive environment in zaytsevo

A narrow trench leading to the forward positions of the DNI, with the depth of half a meter. Dig deeper do not give the Ukrainian snipers. This is the outskirts of the village of zaytsevo. Here the position of the DNI are virtually surrounded. In the trenches, just a few hundred yards away – the soldiers of the nationalist battalions.   DNI soldiers open fire in response, when the Ukrainian units attempting to come closer. In other cases, try not to react.   With the Ukrainian side on the positions of the DNI, where the armored vehicles, according to the Minsk agreements, no hit from anti-tank grenade launchers.   The village of zaytsevo APU artillery methodically trying to mix with the earth. The whole house is almost gone, here lifeless area.

Published footage from the scene of the crumbling dam in California

Published footage from the scene of the crumbling dam in California MOSCOW, February 13 — RIA Novosti. California news channel KCRA has posted a video of the helicopter shooting the highest in the United States of a dam that may collapse in the near future. 11фотографий11фотографий11фотографий Located in the lake Oroville dam may break because of the rains caused erosion of the main and auxiliary spillways. If the disaster can not avoid, nearby cities may be under water. According to the latest data, because of the threat of collapse of the dam authorities have announced the urgent evacuation of almost 190 thousand people living in about eight localities.