Snipers APU hunt on DNR fighters: report from the trenches in the punitive environment in zaytsevo

A narrow trench leading to the forward positions of the DNI, with the depth of half a meter. Dig deeper do not give the Ukrainian snipers. This is the outskirts of the village of zaytsevo. Here the position of the DNI are virtually surrounded. In the trenches, just a few hundred yards away – the soldiers of the nationalist battalions.


DNI soldiers open fire in response, when the Ukrainian units attempting to come closer. In other cases, try not to react.


With the Ukrainian side on the positions of the DNI, where the armored vehicles, according to the Minsk agreements, no hit from anti-tank grenade launchers.


The village of zaytsevo APU artillery methodically trying to mix with the earth. The whole house is almost gone, here lifeless area.