Five of the Kuril Islands received the names of

Five of the Kuril Islands received the names of YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, February 11. /Offset. TASS, Iryna Baibarza/. Five unnamed Islands in the Kuril chain are called, the corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “In accordance with the Federal law “On naming of geographical objects” and on the basis of proposals of the Sakhalin regional Duma, as well as to perpetuate the memory of Lieutenant-General Derevyanko K. N., Lieutenant-General Grechko A. R, statesman, diplomat Gromyko A. A., statesman, Governor Farkhutdinov I. P. and captain A. I. Shchetinina to assign names to geographical objects located on the territory of the Sakhalin oblast…”, — stated in the message. Suggestions about the name of the Islands was prepared by Sakhalin division of Russian geographical society. As reported TASS the Chairman Sergey Ponomarev, suggested a dozen titles, names has the first five. Work on assigned names will continue. Forgotten names “Reading the order

In London opens a major exhibition of Russian revolutionary art

In London opens a major exhibition of Russian revolutionary art LONDON, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. A large exhibition of Russian revolutionary art opens Saturday at London’s Royal Academy of arts. “In commemoration of the centennial of the Russian revolution, we have prepared an exhibition “Revolution: Russian art from 1917 to 1932″. The exhibition covers an important period in the history not only of Russia but of Russian art: in 1917, when the Great October socialist revolution, and in 1932, when Stalin began to brutally suppress the avant-garde”, — told RIA Novosti at a press preview of the exhibition one of its curators. The exhibition presents more than 200 exhibits, including from the Moscow Tretyakov gallery, Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and private collections. “Many of the works have never been exhibited in the UK”, — said the curator. As a starting point, the organizers have chosen a

Media: Istanbul shooter arrested for the murder of 39 people in a nightclub

Media: Istanbul shooter arrested for the murder of 39 people in a nightclub Abdulqadir Masharipov is accused of “membership in terrorist group “Islamic state”. 5фотографий ANKARA, February 11. /Offset. TASS Kirill Zharov/. Abdulqadir Masharipov attacked new year’s eve at club Reina in Istanbul’s Ortakoy district, appeared before the court and was arrested. This was reported by the TV channel Haberturk. According to him, Masharipov will be placed in prison “Silivri” in Istanbul in connection with the charges against him of “intentional murder 39”, “membership in a terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), “illegal possession of weapons” and “the assassination attempt on the constitutional order”. In prison, he will be all the time is going to trial, which will further determine the final measure. The current court is a necessary formality due to the fact that investigators have completed the questioning of the accused and referred to the judiciary. Up

In Sochi, three people were injured in a gas explosion in a private hotel

In Sochi, three people were injured in a gas explosion in a private hotel Moscow. 11 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — IN Sochi’s Adler district, the house hotel-type has occurred explosion of household gas, there are victims. As reported “Interfax” in emergency services of the region on Saturday, a household gas explosion in a private hotel, currently, fire services and eliminate a fire that spread to two dwellings on the area no more than 30 square meters. In turn in management of health care of Sochi, the Agency said that the explosion of gas injured three people. “But so far only one of them was taken to hospital. While the number of victims only three people”, — reported in management.

Volodin called the condition of Russia’s return to PACE

Photo: RIA Novosti Speaker of the state Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin said that the Russian delegation to PACE will return only after the abolition of rules of regulations according to which a small number of members can revoke the vote of the national delegation, writes “Kommersant”. “If this provision in the regulations to be abolished, Russia will return. And by the way, need to pay tribute to the Chairman of PACE Pedro Agramunt, just yesterday he sent a letter with the outcome of consultations with members of the PACE,” he said, adding that it is important for Moscow that the rights of the Russian delegation was protected. According to him, during the upcoming parliamentary Assembly in Madrid, the delegates from Russia will discuss a range of issues related to the registration and participation of national delegations in the Assembly. Earlier, the head of the international Committee of the state

State Duma Deputy said the number killed in January in Syria terrorists

Photo: RIA Novosti The Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Sablin, who visited Aleppo and reported that in January had been destroyed to two thousand terrorists. “According to our estimates, militants destroyed from one thousand to two in January”, — quotes RIA Novosti words of the Deputy. He also said that the terrorists keep pumping station in Aleppo, in connection with which the city has no water. “The problem with the water. The terrorists hold the pumping station four wells are now clear. The terrorists, leaving, mined the wells”, he added. Earlier it was reported that in Syria there has arrived the delegation of the state Duma, composed of: coordinator of the friendship group with the Parliament of Syria, Dmitry Sablin (“United Russia”), head of the Duma Committee on civil society development issues, public and religious organisations Sergey Gavrilov (Communist party), Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy

German TV channel showed a film about mishandled in the EU, the Russian “agents” from Chechnya

Photo: imago stock&people / Russian special services are sent to Europe agents from Chechnya to destabilize the situation in Evrosouze. Such statements are contained in the documentary, which showed one of the leading German TV channels ZDF. The tape is based on an interview with a certain person who represented former FSB Colonel, who moved to Germany. “A former Colonel in the Russian secret service FSB is familiar with the methods, as well as generals, responsible and implementing the plans of the Kremlin to destabilize the West through agents. For 20 years he served the Russian state being in the background. Eventually he escaped from Russia”, — says the annotation to the film “Putin’s Cold war”. According to the people named in the ribbon, Igor, the Russian special services allegedly guide to Germany from Chechnya as refugees who are part of the Russian intelligence network abroad. They get information

Against started a fight with the one-armed disabled inspectors filed a case

In Veliky Novgorod opened a criminal case against the inspector, who staged a brawl with the one-armed cripple. The scandalous incident took place in late January.   Then, the traffic police stopped the car to check the tint, and then demanded the driver get into the patrol car. When the man refused to leave his place, four guards forcibly dragged him out of the car.   In the passenger seat was the wife of the victim, which recorded everything on video. The woman was warned several times that her husband is disabled, however, according to the staff, the police did not pay any attention to it.   In SU IC of Russia in the Novgorod region after arising in connection with the appearance of the roller resonance began pre-investigation check. Photo: Pavel Ivanov / YouTube

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine sent a request to detain 47 of Ukrainians in Russia

The Ukrainian side has sent Russia a request in connection with the detention of forty-seven Ukrainians in the case of an international drug ring, said the message on the page of the Department of consular service of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry in Facebook.   It is reported that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry asks foreign Ministry and the interior Ministry to confirm the information that there were among the detained citizens of Ukraine, the composition of crimes, the place of detention and presence of counsel.   The tenth of February, the Ministry of internal Affairs and FSB of Russia dismantled a large international drug ring, which had recruiting offices in Kiev and conducting their activities in 14 regions of Russia, reported by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.   It is noted that the total number of detainees in this case amounted to 67

America is tired of the whining of Ukraine and lies about Russia – expert from USA

In the United States are tired of the fact that Kiev is constantly asking for money, and the policy of Ukraine is based on the mean line of Ukrainian nationalism, prone to acts of terror. About it in interview to “the Star” said the Director of anti-war films Igor Lopatonok living in Los Angeles.   “Boasting (from the Ukraine) the best armed forces in Europe that “only deter Russian aggression”? But the kind of Russian aggression is present only in an illusory world, in which today lives of the Ukrainian politicum. There, he tries to involve an increasing number of Western people”, – he said.   This involvement drew the attention of Lopatinec is very aggressive.   “Today, this history is here (in USA) all fed up with. Fed up hearing “give us money”, “protect us”, “we fight alone against the great, powerful Northern neighbor, which is aggressively attacking us