On the streets of new York appeared hugging the dog

On the streets of new York appeared hugging the dog In a big city sometimes it doesn’t come with arms. Golden Retriever named Louboutin, who lives in new York seems to understand this, so he tries to hug different people. The owner Caesar gave my dog the nickname Louboutin (abbreviated Luby, in honor of the designer Christian Louboutin) and started for her own account in Instagram, where posts photographs embracing Luby. Photos published Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) Jan 1 2017 7:10 PST Caesar says that when she was a puppy, he taught her Desk sitting, lifting both paws. Most likely, this dog has a habit of clenching of the master of two feet and cling to him. Photos published Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) Jan 6 2017 9:22 PST Anyway, the habit to cuddle Louboutina useful to her. On a walk with Caesar, she literally catches passers-by to give them a “hug”. Passers-by,

In the Gulf of Thailand has found the missing “garbage island”

In the Gulf of Thailand has found the missing “garbage island” BANGKOK, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. Clearing the “floating landfill”, consisting of one hundred tons of plastic debris in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of the Thai province of Prachuap Kirikhan will take at least 10 days, said on Saturday newspaper the Bangkok Post citing the Department of marine and coastal resources of Thailand. “Garbage island,” as he called the accumulation of floating garbage the local media, was discovered early last week off the coast of Chumphon province and then moved to the North, to the province of Prachuap Kirikhan, which includes the seaside resorts of Hua hin and Cha Am. On Friday, the squad equipped with cranes and nets courts for the time “lost” floating landfill referred by the tide further out to sea from the coast of Koh Talu, a popular with divers. Conducted by

About 200 dolphins, pilot whales became stranded in New Zealand

About 200 dolphins, pilot whales became stranded in New Zealand The incident occurred about 11 km from the place where the day before on the shore, they found more than 400 g. 8фотографий8фотографий8фотографий SYDNEY, February 11. /Offset. TASS Pavel Vanichkin/. About 200 pilot whales beached last night on the coast of New Zealand. This was reported by radio new Zealand the representative of the national environmental Agency Andrew Lamason. According to him, the animals beached on the shore of Cape Farwell about 11 km from the place where a day earlier on the beach jumped over 400 grind. On Friday, around 300 animals died, people were able to bring a depth of about 50 pilot whales and about 50 remained in shallow water near the shore last night. There was a hope that during the night high tide the water rises to the desired level to allow Grandam to go

In Saudi Arabia, when landing, the plane caught fire, the company Iraqi Airways

In Saudi Arabia, when landing, the plane caught fire, the company Iraqi Airways MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. More than 300 passengers were evacuated from the plane of the airline Iraqi Airways after one of the chassis caught fire during landing in Saudi Arabia at the airport near Jeddah, reports AFP citing local media. According to the Agency, 365 of the passengers were evacuated “in record time without injuries.” The plane was landing at the international airport King Abdul-Aziz when the fire happened one of the chassis. The commander of the crew of the ship announced on the radio about the problem, the fire brigade immediately went to the scene of the incident.

The CSR suggested to complicate the adoption of laws by the state Duma

Photo: RIA Novosti Center for strategic research (CSR) offers to complicate the procedure of adoption by the state Duma of new laws in the conditions when the competition of political parties in Parliament impossible. The measures are provided in the CSR report “Statistical analysis of Federal legislation,” prepared at his request by experts of the company “Garant”. The authors of the study, published on Friday, noted that the amount of Parliament is growing from year to year, and it’s mainly about the amendments to the existing laws, which makes unstable the Russian legislation. “Most of the existing code are changed more often than once a year. Moreover, the number of codes – the Tax code, Code on administrative offences, the Land, Forest and Criminal procedure codes, the stability period does not exceed one month” – experts say. To deal with the instability of the regulation, in their view, using the

Volodin told about complaints of deputies of the state Duma on the lack of air in room

Photo: RIA Novosti In the plenary hall of the state Duma deputies can’t breathe, the room to be reconstructed, said in an interview with “Kommersant” the Chairman of the lower chamber Vyacheslav Volodin. According to him, especially uncomfortable at the end of the hall, where the floor is raised closer to the ceiling. “And there are deputies less air gets! Because there is less oxygen,” he said. Volodin showed the chair where sits Nikolai Valuev. It is equipped by the special order — the chair is pushed on the meter compared to the other armrest and half as long. “Valuev, sitting here, where so little air, nor on what did not complain. But the Deputy complained Vera Ganza from the Communist party. And she’s sitting in the front row. And her air is not enough! — said Volodin.— And we went to meet! Some people are lucky. There’s the corner

The Ukrainian military staged a drunken knife fight

Three of the Ukrainian military staged a knife fight after drinking alcoholic beverages. This was stated by the representative of the LPR militia Andrey Marochko in a briefing.   According to him, the incident occurred with the security forces of the first battalion of the 54th brigade of the APU, deployed in the vicinity of the village Renaissance.   “As a result of the infighting was stabbed three soldiers of the brigade,” said Marochko, citing intelligence.   The fact that in the ranks of the APU thrives drunkenness, recognize and Ukraine. Thus, according to the report of chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios from July 2016, noncombat irrevocable and sanitary loss of the Ukrainian army amounted to more than a thousand people in less than two years.   Among the main reasons for deaths of servicemen named consumer alcohol, careless handling of weapons, hazing and shootouts between soldiers. Video:

Hooligans attacked a paramedic in Saratov and tried to rape her

Five men attacked the ambulance paramedic in Saratov, which arrived on a call, reports TASS with reference to the press-Secretary of regional Ministry of health Alexander Kolokolov.   According to him, the ambulance responded to a call to the patient with hypertensive crisis. But as soon as the 27-year-old paramedic came into the apartment, she felt five men.   The girl escaped and took refuge in the bathroom and was able to call the police. All the time while driving by the police, the attackers tried to break down the bathroom door.   “Arrived on the scene police managed to detain two suspects. With the girl psychologists,” – said the Bells.   The regional Main Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs conducts a review of the incident. Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK Star

When leaving the puppeteer, the doll cease to feed: what will happen to Kiev without Obama

The Ukrainian economy, despite assurances from Kiev, continues to be in poor condition and contain the APU will be soon. About it in interview to “the Star” said the Director and producer of anti-war films Igor Lopatonok.   “Actually, they (the Ukrainian authorities) were some puppets from the previous administration (of the USA, Barack Obama). But people is already there. When leaving the puppeteer, the doll no longer pull the strings and feed”, – he said.   “Today, as far as I understand, six billion have to Ukraine from the IMF, otherwise it will not overstays budget. And all of the mythical talk about the growth of the Ukrainian economy – it is talking. Even according to the World Bank, the Ukrainian economy continues to be in its peak, just the peak is stabilized in the base area,” stated the Director.   According to the expert, these six billion if

Fourcade took third place in the sprint race at the biathlon world Championships

Martin Fourcade French biathlete Martin Fourcade won the third place in the sprint race at the world Cup in Hochfilzen. On Saturday, February 11, the correspondent “reports Tapes.ru”. The gold medal was won by the representative of Germany’s Benedikt doll. Silver Norwegian Johannes boe. Best of Russians Evgeny Garanichev took tenth place. Other representatives of the Russian team Anton Shipulin, Anton Babikov and Maxim Tsvetkov — located on the 21st, 49th and 69th lines, respectively. In the men’s pursuit race, which will take place on Sunday, February 12, will be the best 60 athletes participated in the sprint. Thus, of all Russians to take part in the race will not only Maxim Tsvetkov. The world Cup takes place in Hochfilzen from 9 to 19 February.