America is tired of the whining of Ukraine and lies about Russia – expert from USA

In the United States are tired of the fact that Kiev is constantly asking for money, and the policy of Ukraine is based on the mean line of Ukrainian nationalism, prone to acts of terror. About it in interview to “the Star” said the Director of anti-war films Igor Lopatonok living in Los Angeles.


“Boasting (from the Ukraine) the best armed forces in Europe that “only deter Russian aggression”? But the kind of Russian aggression is present only in an illusory world, in which today lives of the Ukrainian politicum. There, he tries to involve an increasing number of Western people”, – he said.


This involvement drew the attention of Lopatinec is very aggressive.


“Today, this history is here (in USA) all fed up with. Fed up hearing “give us money”, “protect us”, “we fight alone against the great, powerful Northern neighbor, which is aggressively attacking us and if we will not survive, he will attack you””, – concluded the Director.


“It was invented by Victoria Nuland (a former US state Department), now no one will believe it. First of all, don’t believe the people who voted for Donald trump. Because they see that the same media that accuse the President that they chose, I repeat that cliché about Russian aggression,” – said Lopatonok.


The expert expressed confidence that in the United States, more and more people think that news about a hostile Russia – fakes. “That’s what they hang on the ears. The noodles they do not want to listen. And they’re not going to listen to her”, he concluded.



Photo: Aleksandr Gusev/ Globallookpress