German TV channel showed a film about mishandled in the EU, the Russian “agents” from Chechnya


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Russian special services are sent to Europe agents from Chechnya to destabilize the situation in Evrosouze. Such statements are contained in the documentary, which showed one of the leading German TV channels ZDF.

The tape is based on an interview with a certain person who represented former FSB Colonel, who moved to Germany. “A former Colonel in the Russian secret service FSB is familiar with the methods, as well as generals, responsible and implementing the plans of the Kremlin to destabilize the West through agents. For 20 years he served the Russian state being in the background. Eventually he escaped from Russia”, — says the annotation to the film “Putin’s Cold war”.

According to the people named in the ribbon, Igor, the Russian special services allegedly guide to Germany from Chechnya as refugees who are part of the Russian intelligence network abroad. They get information on potential terrorists in the Muslim diasporas in the EU and participate in the protests.

FSB agents from Chechnya, allegedly, settled in many cities of Europe including London, Paris, Brussels and Hamburg.

The film says that the man told the TV station his real name and showed documents allegedly proving that he is a senior officer of the FSB. The documents themselves are not shown.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of interference in the Affairs of other countries. On January 17 the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called bullshit and lies statements about the Russian cyber threat. Three days earlier it became known that the German secret services suspected Russia of deliberately undermining the unity of the United States and the European Union.