Russia’s contribution to the fight against ISIS compared with the victory over the fascist invaders

Russia’s contribution to the fight against “Islamic state” (ISIS is a terrorist group banned in Russia) is comparable to the role of the Soviet army’s victory over Nazi Germany in the great Patriotic war, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin. This view he expressed in an interview with “” on Monday, January 9th. “If the American generals the problem with propaganda is that they absorb air, it is their problem, not ours. The whole world obviously, what role Russia played in defeating ISIS,” he said. According to Sherina, USA you must first deal with the situation in Iraq, and then to assess the Russian troops. “Better the contribution of the American army in the defeat of ISIS and the capture of Mosul will tell you,” said the MP. He also believes that such statements — “this is the remnants of the old Obama

Expert: new sanctions Obama against Russia became a gift to trump

Photo: EPA New US sanctions against Russia became a “Christmas gift” for President Barack Obama to his successor, Donald Trump, said Tuesday RIA Novosti the head of the Russian-American Pacific partnership (ratop) Derek Norberg. “In my opinion, Obama has used the last chance to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia. As for trump, perhaps the introduction of new sanctions is a new year gift from Obama,” said Norberg. He recalled that “trump has always said about the desire to normalize relations or just to have more friendly relations with Russia.” However, according to him, “without new additional sanctions from the elected President was not specific sanctions measures that he could cancel without a strong reaction from the Senate and Congress”. Now as the future American leader such an opportunity, the head ratop. However, he expressed confidence in the fact that the repeal of new sanctions will be

Dni’s office is putting the US said “unprecedented risk” of conflict in the world

In the next five years increases the risk of conflicts within countries and between States. This is the forecast of analyst intelligence Board national intelligence of the USA, transfers Reuters.   The Agency publishes extracts from the report of the Department. According to the document called “Global trends: a paradox of progress,” these trends will tend to a single point with unprecedented speed.   The report also notes that the processes will complicate management and cooperation, and will change the nature of power.   According to analysts, in the next few years will increase the threat of terrorism. Moreover, for these purposes, small groups and individuals will bring “new technology, ideas and relationships.”   The document also point to the risk of increasing conflicts to an unprecedented level since the cold war. The authors of the report indicate that the uncertainty of the situation in the United States can encourage

Caught in the sanctions list of the USA Dmitry Kovtun said that he has property abroad

Dmitry Kovtun © Anton novoderezhkin/TASS, archive MOSCOW, January 10. /TASS/. Businessman Dmitry Kovtun, was included by the US Treasury, in the sanctions list, told TASS that he had no property abroad and he is not going to leave Russia. “I never wanted to go to USA, I have never had anything, not even interest to go there. Currently abroad I have no one property”, – said Kovtun, commenting on the inclusion of his name in the list of the U.S. Treasury. He stressed that “lives in Russia and is not going to go anywhere”.

The US imposed sanctions against Bastrykin in connection with the Magnitsky case

Alexander Bastrykin The U.S. Treasury has extended the sanctions associated with the “Magnitsky case”, five Russians. The announcement and the list of new defendants published on Monday, January 9, on the Agency’s website. Sanctions were imposed against the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, the investigator Stanislav Gordievsky, businessman Dmitry Kovtun, a state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi and of the defendant conducted by the Fund Hermitage Capital investigation Gennady Plaksin, accused of participation in fraud schemes as a nominee of the head. At the end of December 2016, President Barack Obama signed the law on defence spending in 2017, which restricts military cooperation with Russia, gives a global status to the “Magnitsky act” and provides for the supply of weapons to the Syrian opposition. Prior to this, the Ministry of Commerce of the United States expanded sanctions list of Russian companies, including 23 organizations. Washington has also

The experts evaluated the anti-Smoking concept, Ministry of health

Co-chair of the all-Russian movement for the rights of smokers Olga Beklemisheva and Director of the Institute of narcological health of the nation Oleg Zykov for the TV channel “360” assessed “concept of state policy on combating tobacco consumption for the years 2017-2022 and beyond” proposed by the healthcare Ministry. Thus, according to Beklemishevo, the Agency does their job. “I think [the initiative is] another brilliant demonstration of how the Ministry of health does their job. Instead of trying to improve the health outcomes and life expectancy, they do all sorts of stupid bans,” she said. She suggested that in the future of the tobacco market will go underground. At the same time, Zykov noted that the formation of the policy of reducing demand for tobacco — not “Russian fantasy”, the whole world is moving in this direction. The expert stressed that the clause prohibiting the sale of cigarettes to

US intelligence is not yet convinced trump that a cyber attack may be involved in RF

Sean Spicer Photo: AP Photo/Cliff Owen The US intelligence services at the moment are unable to present President-elect, Donald Trump convincing evidence that the hacking attacks on electronic systems American political organizations allegedly involved in Russia. This was stated in interview to TV channel Fox News, a representative transition team trump Sean Spicer, nominated for the post of press Secretary of the White house. He noted that trump “every day, hear the briefings as members of his team for national security, and other members of the intelligence community”, but at the moment, “it seems that intelligence there is no credible evidence” of Russian involvement in the cyber attacks on the political structure of the United States. Spicer also claimed that last week’s report by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the Department of homeland security (DHS), the U.S. devoted to the alleged attacks by Russian hackers, more like a