Dni’s office is putting the US said “unprecedented risk” of conflict in the world

In the next five years increases the risk of conflicts within countries and between States. This is the forecast of analyst intelligence Board national intelligence of the USA, transfers Reuters.


The Agency publishes extracts from the report of the Department. According to the document called “Global trends: a paradox of progress,” these trends will tend to a single point with unprecedented speed.


The report also notes that the processes will complicate management and cooperation, and will change the nature of power.


According to analysts, in the next few years will increase the threat of terrorism. Moreover, for these purposes, small groups and individuals will bring “new technology, ideas and relationships.”


The document also point to the risk of increasing conflicts to an unprecedented level since the cold war. The authors of the report indicate that the uncertainty of the situation in the United States can encourage China and Russia to challenge the influence of Washington.


The authors of the document note that, even if full-scale war will not be the attempts of countries to establish regional dominance could lead to the partition of the world into spheres of influence.

Photo: Emeric Fohlen / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress