US intelligence is not yet convinced trump that a cyber attack may be involved in RF

Sean Spicer


AP Photo/Cliff Owen

The US intelligence services at the moment are unable to present President-elect, Donald Trump convincing evidence that the hacking attacks on electronic systems American political organizations allegedly involved in Russia. This was stated in interview to TV channel Fox News, a representative transition team trump Sean Spicer, nominated for the post of press Secretary of the White house.

He noted that trump “every day, hear the briefings as members of his team for national security, and other members of the intelligence community”, but at the moment, “it seems that intelligence there is no credible evidence” of Russian involvement in the cyber attacks on the political structure of the United States.

Spicer also claimed that last week’s report by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the Department of homeland security (DHS), the U.S. devoted to the alleged attacks by Russian hackers, more like a persuasive paper, and the “practical guide for National Committee Democratic party (nkdp) about how it can improve its information security.” According to the assistant to trump, the President-elect and his team “are waiting for the final report” of the American authorities, which either would have been specific evidence linking Russia to hacker attacks, or explicitly stated that intelligence is “only in General terms assumes” that cyberwoman could take against Moscow.

Before in interview to TV channel ABC Spicer questioned the justification and proportionality of the actions taken by the current Washington administration in response to Russia’s alleged to have committed cyberattacks. ”

One of the questions that we ask ourselves: why do we need (reaction) on this scale?” he said, Recalling that Washington, in particular, sent 35 Russian diplomats and closed in two US-owned Russian facility. – How could such a response commensurate with the activities undertaken?”.

“There is a question about whether it’s political retribution, not diplomatic answer,” said Spicer.

He also confirmed that this week representatives of the U.S. intelligence community will trump special briefing on the situation of cyber attacks. According to Spicer, the President-elect by its results will solve, “was the response of the Obama administration proportionate” to the alleged actions or not.

The trump claimed earlier that he has some information regarding cyberwoman, promising soon to share it with the public. “I know things that other people don’t know,’ said trump to reporters on Saturday. – You learn (about them) on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

About hacker attacks in the United States

December 29, Washington imposed sanctions that affected some Russian companies, the Federal security service and Main intelligence Directorate (GRU, officially – the Main Directorate) of the General staff of the armed forces, as well as senior management of the GRU.

In addition, the US authorities declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats and announced the closure of two owned by Russian facilities in the States of new York and Maryland.

Washington relates these steps to hacker attacks on American political organizations, in which the current administration is accusing Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly denied involvement in the cyber attacks. Commenting on the new sanctions, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, said that they are a manifestation of aggression.