Expert: new sanctions Obama against Russia became a gift to trump



New US sanctions against Russia became a “Christmas gift” for President Barack Obama to his successor, Donald Trump, said Tuesday RIA Novosti the head of the Russian-American Pacific partnership (ratop) Derek Norberg.

“In my opinion, Obama has used the last chance to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia. As for trump, perhaps the introduction of new sanctions is a new year gift from Obama,” said Norberg.

He recalled that “trump has always said about the desire to normalize relations or just to have more friendly relations with Russia.” However, according to him, “without new additional sanctions from the elected President was not specific sanctions measures that he could cancel without a strong reaction from the Senate and Congress”. Now as the future American leader such an opportunity, the head ratop. However, he expressed confidence in the fact that the repeal of new sanctions will be easier than those that have been introduced in connection with the situation in Ukraine. “After the inauguration of the trump could use their repeal as the first step of reconciliation with Russia”, — the expert believes.

Norberg noted that in this sense, much depends on the evidence that the American intelligence service will provide in respect of “Russian hacking.” He admits that Russia might take action against US in cyberspace, but I’m sure they didn’t influence the presidential election. “All countries that can collect intelligence in cyberspace, doing it, and it should not surprise anyone. And I would be surprised if Russia is having serious computer capabilities, did not collect information against US,” — said the expert. At the same time, says Norberg, “possible pressure of the Russian Federation, if it ever was, not was among the decisive factors in winning trump in the election.” In his opinion, “there were other more significant moments, including the high unpopularity of the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton among the voters.”

Previously, some of the 17 intelligence agencies within the US intelligence community, said that Russian hackers allegedly attacked during the election campaign the resources of political organizations in the country to help Republican Donald Trump to win. However, such conclusions did not agree, FBI Director James Comey. No evidence of Russia’s involvement in hacking attacks with the aim of influencing the result of the presidential election, the U.S. government never filed.

Referring to the decision of the us authorities to block access to located in Maryland “cottage” of the Russian Embassy in USA, Nordberg recalled that this territory is the property of the Soviet Union/Russia since the 1950s. “It would be logical to cancel this sectionnow measure just to avoid a lawsuit from the Embassy of the Russian Federation”, — he said.

At the end of last year, the Obama administration has imposed sanctions against nine Russian institutions, companies and individuals, including against the GRU and the FSB, for “meddling in the election” and “the pressure on us diplomats” working in Russia. The USA closed the Russian diplomats access to two residential complexes, the so — called suburban “summer cottages” of the permanent mission of the Russian Federation in new York and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington, which is the Russian diplomatic property. In addition, persona non grata declared 35 Russian diplomats. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow will not send American diplomats in response to Washington’s actions. He stressed that according to established international practice, Russia has all grounds for an adequate response. Moscow reserves right to retaliate, but would not stoop to the level of “cooking” diplomacy, said the head of state. Putin described the hostile actions of the Obama administration as “provocative, aimed at further undermining Russian-American relations.”

The secret told when to lift sanctions against Russia.