Russia’s contribution to the fight against ISIS compared with the victory over the fascist invaders

Russia’s contribution to the fight against “Islamic state” (ISIS is a terrorist group banned in Russia) is comparable to the role of the Soviet army’s victory over Nazi Germany in the great Patriotic war, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin. This view he expressed in an interview with “” on Monday, January 9th.

“If the American generals the problem with propaganda is that they absorb air, it is their problem, not ours. The whole world obviously, what role Russia played in defeating ISIS,” he said.

According to Sherina, USA you must first deal with the situation in Iraq, and then to assess the Russian troops.

“Better the contribution of the American army in the defeat of ISIS and the capture of Mosul will tell you,” said the MP.

He also believes that such statements — “this is the remnants of the old Obama administration.” “We have to wait to come to full power a new administration, new faces appear, and we will hear, hopefully, a normal balanced comments,” said Sherin.

8 January, the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter said that presence of Russia in Syria only strengthens the civil war, and Russia’s contribution to the US struggle with is “zero”.

In mid-December, the Syrian Armed forces with the support of the Russian space forces liberated Aleppo from militants. With the 30th number in all Syria there is a regime of cease-fire. The day before Russian President Vladimir Putin said about the readiness of the leadership of the Republic and the armed opposition to open peace negotiations.

On October 17, the international coalition led by the United States participates in the liberation from the terrorist groups the Iraqi city of Mosul, which is more than two years under the control of the IG.

Donald trump was elected President of the United States November 8, 2016, his inauguration will take place on January 20.