Run the hell out of here! – current video “attack” APU under debaltseve

Appeared present the video “attack” fighters of armed forces of Ukraine under debaltseve. Footage of military fleeing from the battlefield, put themselves as men. Censorship of vocabulary can only make out “Run away”, the rest of the military it shows their obvious dissatisfaction with the situation and the desire to quickly get out of the fire.


Earlier, one of the members of Parliament Andrey Lozovoy on his page in Facebook posted allegedly firing shots, which in the end turned out to be fake and actually was made during the Russian military exercises “Caucasus-2012”. It was posted on Youtube by one of the users in 2013.


December 18, security forces APU tried to break into the territory of the LC in the village of Kalinovka. They fired 150 rounds from the weapons banned by the Minsk agreements, but were defeated and retreated back to their positions.

Video: Phoenix / VKontakte