Kadyrov announced the completion of a special operation in Grozny

Kadyrov announced the completion of a special operation in Grozny

Were destroyed seven bandits, and another four detained.

Moscow. 18 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — a special Operation in Grozny and its surroundings completed destroyed seven bandits, said on Sunday the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in his instagram.

The head of the Republic noted that the entrance of the RAID were destroyed seven bandits, four arrested, including three, are in hospital with gunshot wounds.

The special operation in Grozny and the surrounding area is completed. Destroyed 7 bandits, four arrested, including three, are in hospital with gunshot wounds. I am compelled with great regret to note that some media deliberately escalate the situation, replicated false information from fictional sources, knowing that they were untrue. So, one of online publications that are marked as “Lightning” has reported that on Sunday in the city centre explosion and carried out the shooting. In fact, on the Avenue in question, there was no explosion and firing, did not hear a single shot, worked all the shops, restaurants, cafes, institutions. Also wrote that the special operation conducted in the Staropromyslovskiy district, although it took place a few kilometers from the city in forested, mountainous terrain where there are no buildings. I stress again that none of the Shaytan will not be able to live off terrible, if he came with weapons in hand. This was clearly proven in recent days. I am grateful to all participants of the operation who have demonstrated professionalism, courage, fortitude, endurance. Operated under conditions of deep snow, cold weather, ravines, steep slopes. To our friends around the world say that in Grozny and Chechnya, all quietly preparing for the New year, looking forward to your visit! #Kadyrov #Russia #Chechnya #Operation

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Earlier on Sunday, Kadyrov, who is directly in charge of the operation said that on the outskirts of Grozny, the special forces of law enforcement bodies of the Chechen Republic killed five of the bandits, when they discovered and seized the weapons they had previously seized by the police officer.

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He told reporters that “this is the last militants from among those who the evening and at night has committed crimes in Grozny”.

For its part, a source in the headquarters operation reported “Interfax”, that “one of the gunmen was taken alive, he began to testify.”

Night events

Earlier the head of Chechnya, told journalists on the elimination of a group of bandits in the night on Sunday in Grozny. Law enforcement authorities received information about an armed assault on a police officer. It became known that then the criminals broke into the house of one of the police officers elsewhere, but not finding it, disappeared.

The car was in her criminals tried to detain the police officers, one of them a hit. The attackers, opening fire and tried to escape. Returning fire, the bandits neutralized. Two of them were taken to hospital, four of them destroyed.