Ukrofašistskoj all the invaders are dead – the words of a fighter LC was interrupted by the shelling of the APU

The correspondent of TV channel “Zvezda” visited the positions of the LC under debaltseve where the soldiers APU tried to break through militia positions near the village of Kalynivka. Journalists were shown how the soldiers of the militia LNR are on combat duty on the front lines. Also, the correspondents of “Stars” witnessed the shelling militia positions of the Ukrainian troops.


“What was the purpose of why they went into battle Ukrainian soldiers who lie dead on the battlefield, is unknown. On the eve of holidays left their families without sons, and breadwinners,” he said in an interview with “Star” head of the national police LNR Oleg Onishenko, and then his words were interrupted by the sound of artillery shots.


“All ukrofašistskoj invaders who set foot on our land, will lie dead. Kiev junta is not ready to abide by the Minsk agreement, brutally violating all norms of international law,” continued Onasenko, while his words were interrupted by loud bursts of attacks.


Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian security forces attempted to break through the defense line LC in the direction of Debaltsevo. Wounded two militiamen, two more were missing. LC reported that the loss of the APU was comprised of 10 men killed and 20 wounded.