Women are called the most annoying stereotypes ever heard from men

Women are called the most annoying stereotypes ever heard from men

A Reddit user began the discussion, which asked women to give an example of infuriating and creating a false impression stereotypes about the beautiful half of humanity, ever uttered by men.

Most irritating is that expected, was the idea that a woman is doing everything possible to attract a partner and it is the main business of her life. Undoubtedly, there are men to avoid such stereotypes, but, as claimed by the female part of the discussions on the forum, such a little, and stupidity about myself every girl has heard at least once in life, reports The Independent.

The most common is the male belief that all actions produce women with an eye on the male rating.

“A guy once said that I put on some lipstick to try not to kiss him. No! They just cracked!” — wrote one of the participants of the forum.

Another shared: “He once asked, these are my glasses, or I wear them to look smart. No, man, I’m just a little blind!”.

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A number of the Internet said that they were often reproached that they cry, allegedly to manipulate the man, only interested in monetary well-being of their elected representatives and pretend orgasms. “Many men simply do not understand female physiology, they do not understand that the woman herself can decide when she needs sex,” complained the participants of the discussion.

Also women are annoying stereotypes that intimacy and passion are lost after marriage and that female friendship does not happen, as it happens between a man and a woman.

Of course, these years formed judgments are not taken from the ceiling, but a certain pattern does not exist. With the same success it is possible to believe in horoscopes and to evaluate the outcome of important meetings at the coffee grounds. Perhaps men shouldn’t call female characters and behaviors, and to try to find in each something unique. Judging by the heated debate, this is what women would like to get from their representatives.