In the state Duma refused to ban officials to have foreign housing


Komsomolskaya Pravda /

The state Duma Committee on security and combating corruption were rejected in the first reading a bill banning officials, their spouses and children to have real estate abroad. On Thursday, December 8, reports TASS.

“On the one hand, these suggestions are completely untrue. On the other hand, our anti-corruption legislation is already highly developed, we have adopted a number of restrictions, they are quite efficient, to expand their meaning is not” — said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee Anatoly Vyborny.

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Ernest Valeyev, in turn, believes that the draft law contradicts the Russian Constitution, as it deprives a person of property rights. “Requirement that is incorporated into the bill on the termination of property rights for a certain time, would violate the constitutional right of citizens”, — he stressed.

The author of this initiative was made by the representative of the Communist party faction Valery Rashkin. According to the developer, officials can circumvent the ban to have accounts in foreign banks, if they have property abroad. He pointed out that the housing you have to pay, but for the existence of this “Bank account in the same state is simply necessary.”

Earlier on Thursday it became known that the government Commission working on the bill requiring military Cossack atamans to report their income. In particular, the atamans and their close relatives may be required to report to the presidential administration about how much they spend and receive.