“Death to Ukrainians,” shouting in Poland during political processions

In the Polish city of Przemysl was a March of Polish nationalists, whose members shouted “Death to Ukrainians!” footage published online.


The participants of the “March of the eagles Przemysl and Lviv” chanted such slogans during the passage of the columns past the building of the Ukrainian national centre.


According to the portal Prostir.pl., the marchers chanted other slogans such content. During the same March two years ago, “the eagle” shouted in Polish “there is a club at Bandera snout”.


It is noted that in the past, these marches were carried out spontaneously, this year it was patronized by the state institution of culture of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and the mayor of Przemysl Robert Homa.

Video: Russian Spring/Youtube

Photo: przemyslnazywo / twitter