MCC called the cause of the crash of “Progress”

MCC called the cause of the crash of “Progress”

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. Space truck “Progress MS-04” did not go into orbit because of the emergency shutdown of the engine of the third stage of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U”, reported the mission control Center.

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Cargo ship “Progress MS-04”, launched on 1 December from the Baikonur cosmodrome using rocket “Soyuz-U” was lost at an altitude of 190 km on goal, most of the debris burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere. The ship was transported to the station 2.5 tons of cargo, including Christmas gifts for the crew.

As reported by Roskosmos, to 382 seconds, the rocket flight took place normally. After 382 seconds, the reception of the telemetry data stopped.

A source in the rocket and space industry told TASS that at 382 seconds occurred emergency turning off of the engines at the same time, followed mechanical Department of the ship. After that, according to the source, the ship control system began work on the sequence diagram of the Autonomous flight has begun deployment of antennas, solar panels. However, due to the fact that the ship did not have time to go into orbit, he began to fall and destroyed in the atmosphere.