Scientists have told people twice lost the tail

Scientists have told people twice lost the tail

Tail people have not caught on. As shown by recent research, our ancient ancestors lost the tail more than once. The scientific results can explain the existence of the coccyx, which during the formation of the embryo looks like a tail, but in the process of development disappears.

“Tails roots back to the first vertebrates and are found at an early stage of embryo development, so they are difficult to get rid of, not confronted with problems”, jokes author Lauren Sallan from the University of Pennsylvania.

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The result is a “meaty” tails of fish and the people disappeared, leaving behind a vestigial appendages like “legs” of whales.

Callan analyzed fossils of prehistoric ray-finned fish Aetheretmon age of 350 million years. It is believed that this creature is the distant ancestor of modern animals. She had a scaly, fleshy tail and the flexible tail fin, which was located on top of, reports Live Science.

It turned out that in the evolution of these structures are fully divided: the fat tail and fin eventually began to grow in themselves, not in “pair”. This discovery, according to Sallan means that two types of tailings were developed and evolved each in different ways. Fish lost fat tail and has become more flexible, to improve swimming skills.

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Fish evolved into land creatures, lost flexible dorsal fin but kept the meaty — he has become over time familiar to us all appendage, which is now awarded the primates, felids, canids and other mammals that move on land.

APE-like human ancestors and even got rid of the tail, hiding the remnants of the bony rudimentary education in the lower back, the tailbone. They don’t get the “molecular signals” that can cause growth and development.

It is obvious that the tail of the monkeys and early humans began to disappear as the spread of bipedalism in favor of this hypothesis is evidenced by the fact that primates often prefer to use two legs instead of four, have short tails. Probably adds Callan if people will get tails, I’ll kiss goodbye to a vertical position.