Skull aliens, and the caches of the Nazis “Ananerbe”: the scientist told about the mysterious bones aliens

The writer of the local history of Adygea , and also the Deputy of the state Council-Khase of the Republic and associate Professor of MGTU of the story Ivan Bormotov told the website of the TV channel “Zvezda” about turtles and hiding a secret Nazi organization “Ananerbe” in the mountains of Adygea.


“Well, to say that “Ananerbe” that dealt only with aliens or skulls I can not say, because these skulls are very interesting, paleontological material, but it was to explore what scientists and paleontologists to give an opinion. Because the skull is really unusual. Incomparable with any of the skull of native animals. The skull is very interesting, unusual and most importantly that the hole of the vertebral column is unusually small. But a very interesting mystery of nature that scientists must solve to have its say,” said Ivan Bormotov.

Ivan Bormotov, told “the Star” about how he found a hiding place a secret Nazi organization “Ananerbe” in the mountains of Adygea.