Putin has told about plans after the presidency

Putin has told about plans after the presidency

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in conversation with the employees of the Chelyabinsk enterprise “Eterno” told me what I wanted to do after his political career. On Monday, December 5, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

The head of state admitted that likes to travel, but at the same time complained that due to the tight working schedule is not able to pay attention to natural and cultural attractions of the countries that he visits.

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“Today, all my trips down to the fact that I’m in the airport, he move in a room, then back to the airport, that’s kind of where-that went,” — said Putin.

Responding to a question about his dream, the President said that he wants to successfully complete his career.

In a September interview with Bloomberg Putin stated that I have not yet decided whether it will participate in the presidential elections that will be held in 2018. By law, the President-elect will hold this position for six years, until 2024. The current Russian leader has the right to run for the post.