The ECHR has awarded compensation to the victims in the case of major Evsyukova

The ECHR has awarded compensation to the victims in the case of major Evsyukova

The European court of human rights found a violation of the rights of victims in the case of police major Denis Yevsyukov in April 2009, being drunk, staged a massacre in a Moscow supermarket.

The court in Strasbourg ruled that Russia should pay to the three applicants compensation in the amount of 12 thousand euros each and also to pay the legal expenses of one of the victims in the amount of 2 thousand euros.

The former chief OVD “tsarina” Denis Yevsyukov was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of two persons and attempt at murder of 22 other visitors and also for illegal storage of the weapon.

Victims tried to achieve from the Russian authorities with financial compensation for the criminal acts of the representative bodies of the power, but lost the case in the Russian courts.

After that, three wounded in the attack by major Evsyukova spent Dudal, Ilya Gerasimenko and Louise Salikhova — appealed to the ECHR with a complaint that the Russian authorities failed to guarantee their right to life, and later to properly compensate for the harm caused to them.

As reported to Interfax the lawyer Irina Khrunova representing in court the interests of Alena, Dodal, the ECHR unanimously found the Russian government guilty of violating the European Convention.

“The ECHR concluded that the state had not fulfilled its obligations under article 2 of the Convention to take appropriate measures to protect the life of people under its jurisdiction, without providing for careful selection and control of representatives of the state who are allowed to carry firearms,” said the lawyer.

The European court considered that the police officer, whose identity has not been properly assessed during the selection and left without proper supervision after promotion to a managerial position, tried to kill applicants with a pistol with cartridges, the access of which he had due to his service in the police, says Interfax.

The case Evsukova attack caused a wide resonance in the society and gave impetus to large-scale reform of the interior Ministry.