The pilaf was included in the UNESCO world heritage list

The pilaf was included in the UNESCO world heritage list

Related to Uzbek and Tajik variants of pilaf traditions and culture made the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO. About it reports a press-service of the organization.

In this list, in particular, were introduced the Tajik oshi Palav. As noted in the UNESCO rice in this Asian country is part of the common cultural heritage.

There are up to 200 recipes oshi Palavas. Cooking and eating bring people together from different walks of life.

In the list of UNESCO has also been associated with Uzbek pilaf traditions and culture. “This is a dish of rice, meat, spices and vegetables usually served at the table during daily meals and at special occasions: to help the disadvantaged and in the days of remembrance of the dead loved ones” — say representatives of the organization.

According to experts, this tradition continues in the family, passed on from master to disciple, in the communication between peers and other occasions.

Thus, it strengthens social ties and is part of the Uzbek culture, say the experts.

Wednesday, November 30, became aware of the inclusion of brewing culture Belgium on the UNESCO list.

In this list you can find outstanding cultural and natural values that are the heritage of all mankind that must be protected and preserved.