Geologists have estimated the total mass of everything that is man-made

Geologists have estimated the total mass of everything that is man-made

Houses, bridges, mining shovels, cars, a barn for your country and stuff that is stored there — the man has created so many good things. Have you ever thought about how much all this weighs?

A multinational team of geologists first estimated the total mass of all the physical objects of the technosphere of the Earth.

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One of the study’s authors, Professor of Geology and civil engineering from Duke University Peter Huff defines the technosphere as a set of complex social structures, together with physical infrastructure and technological artifacts, including energy, information and material flows.

To the technosphere include, for example, power plants, roads, buildings, planes, and even ballpoint pens.

At the same time, according to Huff, the technosphere is a system with its own dynamics, and people control it to a much lesser extent than you think.

In a study published in the Anthropocene Review, scientists say that the main components co-opted in the technosphere, have a total mass of 30 trillion t

On 1 m2 of the surface of the planet has more than 50 kg.

This is five orders of magnitude greater than the biomass of all people in the world.

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These figures indicate that the technosphere has reached a planetary scale. People have changed the face of the planet.

The technosphere interacts tightly with other areas, such as biosphere, most of which are people, their domestic animals and cultivated plants.

As reported by “My planet” radioactive particles scattered on the planet, the acceleration of soil erosion, sea level rise, climate change and biosphere marked the dawn of a new technological era. In August it was officially announced that the Earth has entered a new era — the anthropocene.