Pfizer will introduce a vaccine against the omicron strain in March

“This vaccine will be ready in March, we are starting the production of a certain number of vaccines,” Burla said. He noted that the drug will also protect against other strains of coronavirus. According to him, it is still unclear whether a separate vaccine from omicron is needed and how to use it, but the company will produce a certain number of doses, because the authorities of individual countries want it to be ready as soon as possible. Earlier, Pfizer announced the need for three doses of the vaccine to neutralize the omicron strain. “The data suggest that after the third dose of BNT162b2, there is a 25-fold increase in titers of neutralizing antibodies against the omicron variant in comparison with two doses,” the company reported. The company believes that people who have received two doses of the vaccine can avoid a severe course of the disease. On November 29,

Russian scientists have questioned the danger of the “deltacron” strain

Anatoly Altstein said that viral strains are constantly changing and the new variant “will not become epidemic” and “will not be able to reach the global level.” According to the virologist, “deltacron” can be attributed to mutant strains. These are existing strains with changes that occur constantly and already number dozens. “Regarding this mutant, there is nothing there that is threatening for us. Strains can recombine with each other. Such things are well known in molecular genetics, have been studied for a long time. Such things are possible, and such recombination can lead to the emergence of new strains with new properties,” Altstein said. He added that in this case, scientists do not see “anything that would cause great concern.” Experts expect an increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia Virologist Viktor Larichev noted that scientists still need to study what properties the new strain received from its predecessors.

Scientists have created a molecule that can protect against coronavirus

“Cell culture and animal studies show that the new TriSb92 molecule developed by researchers protects against coronavirus infection for at least eight hours, even in cases of high risk of infection. Unlike the protection provided by the vaccine, the effect of TriSb92 begins immediately after its introduction,” the university’s website notes. One of the authors of the study, Anna Myakelya, explained that this molecule protected mice that received it through the nose from coronavirus, while other mice were infected. Myakelya stated that TriSb92 can suppress the ability to infect all known strains of coronavirus, including omicron. It is noted that the molecule does not compete with the vaccine, but is an addition to it. According to the National Institute of Health and Welfare of Finland, since the beginning of the epidemic in Finland, more than 328 thousand cases of coronavirus infection and 1,656 deaths have been detected.

WHO warned of three difficult months due to COVID-19

“I’m afraid we are running a marathon distance, but it’s too early to say that we are close to the end,” the specialist said. According to Nabarro, the end of the pandemic is already in sight, but we have not reached it yet. He warned that the world is waiting for several more waves of coronavirus infection. Worldwide, according to the latest WHO data, there are about 300 million infected, 5.4 million of them could not be saved. The most difficult situation is observed in the USA, India, Brazil, Great Britain and Russia. Vaccination remains the most reliable method of protection. According to the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko, the proportion of vaccinated among COVID-19 cases does not exceed four percent, severe cases are few, while the vast majority of patients in hospitals are unvaccinated. At the end of September in The WHO stated that mortality from

Kiev urged not to compare Ukraine with Kazakhstan

The politician urged not to & nbsp; compare what is happening in & nbsp; Kiev and & nbsp; Nur-Sultan, stressing that the country is not & nbsp; post-Soviet structures and & nbsp; organizations that allow Moscow to carry out “ military intervention '' and & nbsp; & quot; Capturing Critical Infrastructure & quot ;. & laquo; Ukraine & nbsp; & mdash; not & nbsp; Kazakhstan, of course. In fact, Ukraine's best response is to develop internal resilience through transformations & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Stephanishina. She added that & nbsp; over the & nbsp; & nbsp; past years, a “ strong international unity '' has developed around & nbsp; Ukraine, which will allow her & nbsp; to fight back in the & nbsp; case of attempts to interfere in & nbsp; internal affairs. Protests in & nbsp; Kazakhstan began on & nbsp; Sunday, 2 & nbsp; January, due

Vandals ruined a snow-white rock in Sicily with red powder

deturpare la marna bianca della #ScaladeiTurchi con della vernice rossa non è solo un atto criminale…ma anche da troglodita ignorante che non ha alcuna consapevolezza dell’unicità ed eccezionalità di un siffatto monumento naturale…#Agrigento #realmonte #Sicilia — Sirio (@siriomerenda) January 8, 2022 The famous snow-white rocky cliff of Scala dei Turki (“Turkish Staircase”) on the coast of Realmonte, in the south of Sicily in Italy, was attacked by vandals. On the night of January 8, unknown persons scattered red powder on the white limestone, which left “bloody smudges” on the natural monument. An act of vandalism disfigures the section that preserves Milancovic #cycles in the #sediments of the south coast of #Sicily – “Deturpata la Scala dei Turchi con polvere d’intonaco rossa” — Leonardo Sagnotti (@leosagnotti) January 8, 2022 The wonderful Scala dei Turchi (Sicily) – Trubi Fm , Pliocene – has been vandalised with red painting ⁦@UNESCO⁩ More

In Ukraine, they explained why Danya Milokhin was not allowed into the country

Russian blogger Danya Milokhin was not allowed on Ukraine, as he could not confirm the purpose of his trip. This was reported by the publication “Ukrainska Pravda” with reference to a source in the country’s security service. “Tiktoker was deployed at the border because he could not convince the border guards of the purpose of his trip to Ukraine. He arrived on a flight from Istanbul and noted that he was going on a private visit to relax. After being refused entry, he was returned in the opposite direction,” the source said. Earlier in December 2021, due to a visit to the Crimea on Russian singer Mary Gu was not allowed into Ukraine. The girl had to apologize to the fans in Nezalezhnaya for the disrupted concert. Even more interesting things about people

Bloomberg: Europe was afraid of new US sanctions against Russia

According to the & nbsp; agency, far from & nbsp; all Western European allies of the United States still approve of the imposition of severe restrictions on Moscow. & nbsp;/p> It is noted that some states fear not only tangible consequences for their own economies, but also retaliatory actions from Russia, which, in their opinion, may cut off gas supplies to Europe. Thus, the adoption of a joint agreement on & nbsp; some of the & nbsp; anti-Russian measures may be a daunting task for the & nbsp; United States and & nbsp; European partners, journalists note. Earlier, Bloomberg, citing & nbsp; a source, reported that & nbsp; the administration of President Joe Biden is considering the possibility of imposing restrictions on the & nbsp; supplies high-tech products and & nbsp; microelectronics in & nbsp; Russia in the & nbsp; case of an escalation of the situation around & nbsp;

The skeleton of an ancient “sea dragon” was found on a British beach

In other news: giant sea dragon fossil found in Rutland, UK. About 4x bigger than Mary Anning’s tiny ichthyosaurus skeletons which we saw at the museum in Lyme Regis six years ago. — Ellie & Stefan ?| Berkeley Square Barbarian (@BerkeleySqB) January 10, 2022 Paleontologist Joe Davis, together with experts from the Rutland Wildlife Foundation, discovered a perfectly preserved skeleton of a 10-meter-long ancient ichthyosaur known as the “sea dragon” on the beach. The age of the find is about 180 million years, and the weight of the skull of the prehistoric creature reaches a ton. According to scientists, this skeleton is the most complete of all ichthyosaurs found in the UK, as well as the largest, which makes this find one of the greatest in the history of the country. Experts stumbled upon the fossils in February last year during the planned drainage of the island in the

Meeting of the CSTO Collective Security Council. Main statements

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev Kazakhstan has experienced the most severe crisis in the entire history of its independence. “This is a & nbsp; attempted coup.” The riots that emerged after the protests have been preparing for a long time. They were attended by terrorists, & nbsp; including foreign ones. The main attack of the terrorists was directed against Almaty, the fall of the city would open the way to & nbsp; capture the south, and & nbsp; then the whole country. The exact number of civilian casualties is being specified. Constitutional order in the country has been restored. 2.3 thousand CSTO peacekeepers are in & nbsp; Kazakhstan. 18 photos18 photos18 photos Russian President Vladimir Putin The situation in & nbsp; Kazakhstan & laquo ; concerns all of us. '' technologies of power information support of riots. '' “ We & nbsp; will not & nbsp; allow the situation at