Russian skier spoke about asthma in Norwegian athletes

Russian skier Terentyev about asthma among Norwegians: this is strange and unpleasant

Russian skier Alexander Terentyev shared his opinion about asthma among Norwegian athletes. His words are quoted by Metaratings.

“To be honest, this is strange and unpleasant, but what can you do about it?” – said Terentyev and noted that he himself does not suffer from asthma.

The head of the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation (FLGR) Elena Vyalbe previously said that she considers the receipt of therapeutic exceptions by Norwegian asthmatic athletes as a loophole for victories. With equal training, according to the specialist, therapeutic exceptions give Norwegians the opportunity to beat others and become “legal doping.” skiers do often have asthma and are not prohibited from taking inhaled medications such as salbutamol in therapeutic doses. The agency also stressed that in case of emergency care, doctors can prescribe a medicine containing any substance from the list of prohibited substances.



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