Chubais announced his involvement in everything bad in Russia

Chubais on a distorted perception of Russia: everything bad that happens happens because of me in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development, Anatoly Chubais spoke about the distorted perception of the events taking place in the country. He shared his observations in an interview with TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, published on her YouTube channel.

When asked which Russia he would prefer to live in – modern or last century, the former head of Rusnano noted, that has something to do with today's Russia – is involved in what it is, and in this regard, in a special way evaluates all its manifestations.

“Everything bad that happens to the country happens because of me … It happens not because I am so great, but because I perceive it that way. This means that somewhere they misunderstood something, they did not complete it, they did not complete it, “Chubais said.

The interviewee of the host added that all good things are happening in Russia also in connection with what had been done earlier. “I have such a distorted perception,” he concluded. At the same time, when asked what is happening more, good or bad, Chubais noted that at different times in different ways.

On October 30, Chubais said that the energy crisis affected not only Europe, but also other states , and became one of the manifestations of the global energy transition. According to him, among the causes of the crisis in Europe, indeed, there are errors with gas reserves in underground storage facilities, errors associated with natural effects, such as the wind level in the North Sea, but these are only superficial conclusions.



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