Ministry of Internal Affairs veteran who saved pregnant woman and teenager wanted to punish

Interior Ministry veteran Dmitry Akakiev faces a fine for saving a pregnant woman from a neighbor This is reported by the KP.RU edition.

Former policeman Dmitry Akakiev and his wife Galina intervened in a family conflict that took place in one of the apartments of their house. The drunken father of the family beat his pregnant wife while their teenage daughter ran down the corridors and called for help.

At first, Galina wanted to protect her neighbor, but received a strong blow on the head, after which she stood up for his wife ex-policeman who had a disability due to two strokes. “While I was with the beaten woman, the man took up my husband. He beat him with a shoe spoon, thrashed him against the wall (…). Then the neighbor dragged Dima up the stairs and threw him against the wall. But his husband twisted him. I don’t know where his strength came from. I began to hold my neighbor's legs so that he would not escape, “Galina said.

Akakiev's neighbor received 15 days in the end, but now the veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs may face a fine for beating.

Waiting for the decisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the condition of the former policeman is constantly deteriorating due to nervous strain. His wife has to give him IVs to relieve chronic headaches.

“If he caused bodily harm to the attacker, even while defending, then an administrative protocol will be drawn up under the article“ Beatings ”. You can defend in different ways: you can push a person away, or you can inflict bodily harm. But now it’s impossible to talk about it, the work is still going on, ”KP.RU quoted the district police officer Dmitry Gafarov as saying.

On November 25, the Yuzhno-Sakhalin garrison military court sentenced a serviceman to 1.5 years in prison in a colony-settlement Kartabaev, who beat up a police patrol in the street because of a remark made to him.



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