Russian police officers received a sentence for knocking out confessions with a stun gun

In Bashkiria, operatives were convicted of beating a detainee with an electric shock to confess Ministry of Internal Affairs Fanur Fayzullina and Gazinur Sadykov, who beat out a confession from the detainee using an electric shock. This was reported to “” in the republican prosecutor's office.

The police were found guilty of exceeding their powers. In court, they fully admitted their guilt. The convicts will serve time in a general regime colony. The court also deprived them of the right to occupy positions in the civil service for three years after their release. The ex-police officers were taken into custody in the courtroom.

The court established that in March three officers of the criminal investigation department kicked and punched the suspect, forcing him to confess. The police also used a stun gun on him.

One of the three accused died during the investigation. As a result, the case against him was dropped.