Flight attendant reveals secrets of fresh appearance after flights

Former American flight attendant advises to take earplugs and essential oils on board thanks to videos about her profession, she told how to keep a fresh appearance after any plane flights. She shared her secrets in her personal TikTok account.

First of all, the flight attendant drew attention to how important it is to create a comfortable atmosphere for herself during the flight. To do this, she advised to take on board a sleep mask, earplugs, essential oils, a blanket and a pillow.

“And don't forget to wear comfortable clothes! No one is looking at you, and in general, no one cares what you are wearing, “Kamalani revealed the trick.

The tiktoker also advised not to endure the cold or sweltering heat on board and not hesitate to contact the crew members with a request to adjust the air temperature or bring a warm blanket.

Another recommendation concerns passengers with children. A former airline employee believes that it is better to protect small passengers from the radiation of tablets or phone screens during the flight and give them a small amount of gummy bears with melatonin – this will help children fall asleep faster and recuperate.

Earlier in November, this same American flight attendant revealed three life hacks for a comfortable plane trip. So, she told where in the aircraft toilet are the feminine hygiene products.