Showers and snowfalls hit Italy and Spain

Euronews: floods and storms hit northern Spain The regions were hit by downpours, snowfalls and strong winds, reports Euronews.

The residents received warnings about dangerous weather conditions on Monday, November 29. The orange level was recorded in the southern part of the Italian commune Campania and in the Calabria region. The yellow level was determined for the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Lazio, Molise, Sicily, Umbria and for the island of Sardinia. Parts of the country were hit by storms and hurricanes, with over 700 meters of snow falling in Sicily.

Warnings of weather changes were sent out in parts of Spain – in the north of the Basque Country and in the Cantabria region, where there was a risk of exit rivers from the banks. As a result, some streets were flooded with overflowing rivers Nervion, Cadagua and Ason. According to preliminary data, no one died as a result of the anomalies, but rescuers had to help the car owners.

In September 2021, the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain suffered from a powerful flood and storm. Heavy rain began at night and lasted until lunchtime in the city of Alcanar, anomalous phenomena were recorded in Madrid. The streams of water carried cars and outdoor furniture into the Mediterranean.