The baby gained fame because of the resemblance to Kate Middleton and too thick hair

18-month-old Alana from England gained fame due to her resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge with the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine and too thick hair. The relevant material is cited by The Sun.

23-year-old mother of 18-month-old Alana Wilkes Mia admitted that passers-by often stop her on the street while walking to compliment the child about her curls. In addition, she stressed that many notice the girl's similarity with Kate Middleton.

Mia and her 25-year-old husband Emerson Beecher explain Alana's unusual appearance with their exotic genes, but the couple did not indicate their exact race. “Just two days after she was born, I had to pull her hair into ponytails because there were too many of them,” the woman shared.

Mia emphasized that she had never cut a girl's hair. She noted that Alana loves to wash and comb her hair, so she and her husband let her take care of her hair and make her own haircut decisions.

“People say she looks like Kate Middleton, and I really I see the similarities. Others call her Pocahontas, and some even compare her hairstyle with the mane of a lion. There has never been such a situation that we went out into the street and someone did not ask about the secret of Alana's hair beauty, “the girl's mother laughed.

Earlier in November, the thickness of the hair of a two-year-old girl surprised netizens. The user with the nickname Babyahair showed off the hair of her daughter Aubrey. The footage posted on the web shows thick wavy curls of chestnut color, the length of which reaches the girl's waist. According to the woman, doctors predicted Aubrey's hair would soon fall out, but every month it becomes thicker and longer.