Russian woman fined for drug propaganda because of the drawing of cannabis on the phone

In the Novgorod region, a woman was fined 4,000 rubles for drawing cannabis on her phone hemp on the phone – a woman bought such a case from an online store, but the police, experts and the court decided that it was illegal to demonstrate such a case. The corresponding case appeared in the file cabinet of the Chudovsky District Court of the Novgorod Region.

According to the court document, the phone with the cannabis pattern was with the defendant in the diagnostic room of an unnamed medical institution; a paramedic and two other witnesses saw it in the hands of the defendant. It is not known what exactly gave rise to the administrative case, but it contains the testimony of all three witnesses.

The defendant immediately admitted her guilt. In her words, she ordered such a cover for two reasons – she liked it visually, and she supported the position on the need to legalize marijuana. However, she later told the police that she had now reconsidered her views and regretted what she had done.

The administrative case went to court with two examinations. So, according to the conclusion of an unnamed doctor of agricultural sciences, professor of the department of production technology and processing of agricultural products at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise, hemp is indeed depicted on the phone case. And the clinical psychologist GOBUZ NOND “Catharsis” came to the conclusion that “the image of a leaf resembling a hemp leaf is not a property of the product, which means it is an advertising, visual stimulus that can ambiguously affect the psyche and motivation to use drugs.”/p>

As a result, the court found the defendant guilty and fined 4000 rubles. Phone case removed.